Valentine Escapes: The Quick Getaway Guide


Valentine’s Day: some love it and some hate it, but none can ignore it. It is the holiday of hearts, chocolates, cheesy cards, poems and the cliché proposal. For those in new relationships, it can often be the source of confusion and tension. Many are torn between the disgust they feel over a holiday that seems to have been invented purely for the sake of selling flowers, and the knowledge that ignoring an excuse for romance is a quick way to miff a loved one. So the best way to cope with the awkwardness of February 14th is to simply use it as an excuse to do something you’ve been longing to do anyway: get away! That’s right, the best Valentines are vacations so why not pack your bags quickly getaway.

This is the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day escapes and avoiding the dreaded proposal:

Why to Go

First question the why of your relationship. Our society has made February 14th an impossible day to ignore and why should for one day you show love when everyday should be loving; are you celebrating valentines for the right reason in your relationship? If so a quick getaway could mean quality time together and who doesn’t love a holiday with their loved on? It’s a great excuse to take a break from your ordinary routine, relieve some stress and be together.


Despite all the pink cliché chocolate-coated hearts hanging in shop windows, Valentine’s Day is nonetheless a reminder of how much you appreciate the most important person in your life. So take some time from your busy life to stop and actually smell the roses.  Pretty much any holiday break can be affordable with last minute package deals, discounted codes of around 50% off top destinations and big savings on the perfect hotels – check out the latest offerings on the hotel Vouchercloud discounts.

Where to Go

If you want to escape this Valentines go somewhere you can afford. As cute as it may be, Valentine’s is no reason to break the bank. A getaway does not have to be a round-the-world jet-setting adventure or luxury buy, it can be a road trip up the coast, a weekend escape to the countryside, or even a long bike ride to a nearby park; a getaway is a getaway no matter where. The point is to interrupt your mundane schedule with something out of the ordinary, where you can be alone as a couple outside the daily distractions that come between you.

That said, if money is not an issue, you might as well go for the all-out luxury; jet off to the Grecian isles, to Paris in winter, or the Andalucían countryside. It may be true that money can’t buy love, but with a couple of well-chosen plane tickets, it certainly can’t hurt.

 The ABCs of Romance

Appetite: Nothing sets the mood like delicious food.  So whether you cook up something delectable yourself or head off to an extravagant restaurant, a great meal awakes the senses. If you are on a travel getaway why not venture to the following locations which storm up an appetite:

–        Maldives: next to the crystal waters in the Indian Ocean. Tuna is the main food dish here and the staple of Maldivian cuisine. Topped off with a coconut dessert this could be a rather romantic getaway.


–        Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands: Set your romantic anchors to sail to this island of romance and fill your appetite with fine dining or BBQ galore.


–        Italy: Encounter a roman getaway holiday. History, culture and romance all on your doorstop; who wanted have an appetite for this with a villa on a hilltop with white wine and green olives.

Beauty: Remember, from sunsets to beach scenes to a stunning view of the city beneath the stars, a gorgeous setting sets the scene for romance.


Calming: Aim to enter a calm environment, think about spa treatments and relaxation this Valentines as a calming getaway. Who says you need to jet set away to get this treatment, you can incorporate a spa loving treatment in your very own bathroom.


Another Type of Escape – The Dreaded Proposal


Let’s face the facts that not all Valentine’s getaways are destined for success.  So no matter why your trip turns grim – be it an unwanted proposal, an over-the-top effort to save a failed relationship, or an ill-timed impropriety—the time may come when you have to escape your getaway. The best way to escape a Valentine’s nightmare is to just be blunt. Explain what’s wrong and why, be gentle but firm, and then get out. Here are some tips to help you along your way:


1-     Don’t play along with the proposal hints during the trip – if you see it coming divert, divert, divert as it will make it easier than having to say the word no.


2-     If the proposal comes and you can’t say no then be polite – make sure the person knows they still matters, explain your lack of readiness and you may change with time to bear with you.


3-     If it’s all too much – dash to the airport, grab the cheapest ticket you can find to get away and if you have pet together with you grab them too!


In spite of all the brilliant wisdom you’ve just read through, the most important thing you’ll need to do to have a great Valentine’s Day is communicate. It’s simple, just talk to your partner about what they want to do and don’t make it about that arbitrary saccharine date in mid-February either. Remember, Valentine’s Day is an excuse, not an obligation. So use it to your advantage as a reason to escape from your mundane life, spend some quality time alone with the one you love (or at least lust for), and above all, have fun enjoying life. And why not think about others in need, you could help save a heart this year by being charitable and giving up the getaway.