‘Vampire’ defence strategy: How to cut down your electricity bills?


For centuries people have believed that something called a ‘vampire’ exists. And it turns out that it does. Furthermore – it lives in almost every house! BUT don’t mistake it with the one you see in movies – the pale, glowing in the sun and bloodsucking one – that’s just human imagination. The one that everyone had at least once contact with, is the energy vampire. 

You may ask – What is this ‘energy vampire’? I’ve never heard of it! Well, an energy vampire is a name given to an electronic device that ‘sucks’ electrical power when you aren’t using it.

For example, how many times have you plugged in your phone to charge, charged until full battery and unplugged the phone but not the charger? Probably way too many. 

Energy vampires can add even 20% to your monthly electricity bill. There are a few things you can do in order to avoid that. Firstly, think about unplugging completely the devices that you don’t use – does the TV that you watch once a month have to be plugged in all the time? No. Is it? Yes. Unplug it – you can always plug it in when you actually use it. Reducing vampire energy – checked! 

You can consider using Energy Star certified appliances – they use even up to 50% less energy than regular ones. Set your devices to go to sleep after a particular time – for example, if you are listening to music before going to sleep, set the app to close after 30 minutes or one hour. If these ‘saving energy’ methods seem like to much hustle for you, you can always find some electricity provider (like Reliant Energy Houston) that will create a personalized saving plan for you.  

If you want to learn more about how to ‘kill the vampire’ and reduce the energy cost, check the infographic below.