Vaping On Your Feet: The Rise of Portable Vaporizers


Portable vaporizers have gained tremendous popularity in the United States because these vaping devices suit the on-the-go lifestyle of most Americans. There are a lot of brands of portable vaporizers today, like the HoneyStick Concentrate Vapes, which possess great portability and discreet vaping. Portable vapes are mostly preferred by travelers, outdoor sports fanatics, and even office workers who want to take a hit on their break time to ease stress and tension. Let’s dig deeper into portable vaporizers and their benefits!

What Are Vaporizers and How Do They Work

Vaporizers are electronic devices used in extracting the compounds out of concentrates, e-liquids, or dried plant matter like cannabis without combustion or actually burning the substance. The traditional forms of enjoying tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs involve combustion of the plant material and smoke inhalation. However, inhaling any kind of smoke may cause damage to the respiratory system, affecting general health.

Vaporizers are better alternative to traditional combustion, preventing the dangers or risks of inhaling smoke. They work on the core principles of conductive and convective heating. Convective vaporizers means heating the air in the chamber up to a point where the compounds begin to convert into vapor. On the other hand, conductive vaporizers work by heating a surface then placing the desired substance on top like a dab rig. You need to shake a conductive vaporizer during use to prevent burning the product.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Portable Vaporizer

If you are always on-the-go, doing a lot of things but still want to enjoy vaping, you’ll definitely treasure portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers like HoneyStick Concentrate Vapes are smaller compared to desktop vaporizers. You can easily fit a portable vaporizer into your jeans pocket, purse, backpack, or even your jacket pocket. Portable vaporizers can be used to vaporize dry herbs like tobacco, cannabis flowers, resins, liquid concentrates, or e-liquids.

They are easier to load and you can fully control the settings as compared to desktop vaporizers that lack sophisticated features like temperature controls. Portable vapes run on rechargeable batteries that usually last between 1 to 2 hours when fully charged. Desktop vapes should be plugged into a power source, while portable vaporizers are battery-charged making them popular among users who are always on the go. They come with car adapters and portable chargers. The designs of portable vapes are impressive, looking like pens, cell phones, walkie-talkies, asthma inhalers, or other commonly used items to for stealth vaping. When it comes to the price, portable vaporizers like HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Vape For Sale, are more affordable than their desktop counterparts.

American Culture and Vaping

The western world, including the United States, have embraced vaping lightning fast. While there were issues and concerns in the past about the disadvantages of using vapes like device explosion, leaks, and failing battery, the advancement of vaping technology have conquered them all. New features have been incorporated for safe use like thermostats, temperature control and sensors, and automatic shut-off. High-grade battery materials are used for longer vaping and prevent frequent charge times.

That’s why it’s no wonder why portable vapes are easily liked by Americans. Portable vaporizers can easily match their on-the-go lifestyle for a more liberated and discreet vaping. Online shops and actual vape stores are proliferating the market, attracting more smokers to try vaping instead for health reasons.

How to Choose the Best Portable Vaporizer

The first important thing you need to consider when choosing a portable vaporizer is the type of material you’ll be vaping. Doing so will help in narrowing down the list of your potential portable vaporizers. The bigger the vaporizer is, the more powerful it is. Most portable vaporizers have the same size and only a few are qualified and considered to be a pocket vaporizer. Of course, if you want a vaping device that can be easily carried inside your pocket, you can go for smaller vapes. If you want more customization and vapor, as well as longer battery life, you can go for a bigger vape.

When it comes to design, an elegant look is always a big plus. However, you have to consider the best features like durability, withstanding wear and tear, sturdy enough for traveling and enjoying your outdoor activities while vaping with minimal interruption. Volcano vapes or vapes with metal body take advantage of the all-metal body internal heating mechanism, ensuring that portable vapes will last for a lifetime, vaping only therapeutic compounds of your favorite herb or concentrate, and not the plastic components or other parts of the device hardware.

When it comes to vapor quality, people have different opinions but there are several factors affecting vapor quality such as the heat level achieved, material, and the quality of the device. As already mentioned, the heating systems used in pocket vapes include convection and conduction. Convection blows very hot air through the heating element, while conduction vaporizes the medium by bringing it in direct contact with the heating element. Many vapers love the conduction style because it produces more heat and medium combustion. However, health conscious and medical cannabis users prefer convection because it’s free of combustion.

In terms of ease of use, portable vapes like HoneyStick Concentrate Vapes are the king. Of course, you don’t want a vaping device that is hard to refill, difficult to clean, or has a very small loading capacity. Look for a portable vaporizer that is easy to clean and customize, and one that has a decent loading capacity to prevent frequent refills. Every portable vaporizer has pros and cons, and if you’re always on-the-go, you might consider getting a HoneyStick MiniMax Pro Vaporizer.


Portable vaporizers have penetrated the vaping world like a rock star. They are highly recommended for those users who are always on-the-go because they are easy to use, carry, and clean. They have a longer battery life as compared to vape pen vaporizer and are more portable than desktop vaporizers. If you are always outdoors and you want to vape discreetly, grab your portable vaporizer now, try HoneyStick Concentrate Vapes!