Versatility and Convenience: The Advantages of a Pellet Grill


Nothing says summer like a meal prepared on a grill. A good grill allows you to prepare all kinds of backyard delicacies. With a versatile grill you can sear steaks to perfection and pair them with grilled vegetables. Or, you can barbecue ribs and serve them with baked beans or cornbread cooked on the grill. Grilled food and smoked food offer health advantages, making a good grill a great choice for a healthy lifestyle.


But many kinds of grills are limited to either direct cooking over high heat or indirect, slow cooking with smoke. A gas grill offers convenience and ease for direct cooking, but it is hard to get the quality smoke needed for a good barbecue from a gas grill. Electric smokers are the opposite. They are convenient and smoke food well, but are limited in size and cannot cook directly. Offset smokers produce great barbecue but cannot do the direct cooking needed for great steaks or vegetables. And, unlike gas grills or electric smokers, they require constant attention while barbecuing. Charcoal grills are more versatile, since they can handle both direct cooking and indirect cooking, but they are messy and labor intensive. 

A pellet grill combines the versatility of a charcoal grill with the convenience of a gas grill or electric smoker. A good pellet grill can sear steaks to perfection or slowly smoke ribs until they are perfectly tender. And they do this with digital controls so that you can set the pellet grill and walk away while it maintains a steady temperature.

Pellet grills use small wooden pellets for fuel, These pellets are automatically fed from a hopper into a burn pot. As they burn they produce heat and smoke to cook your food. An auger delivers pellets to the burn pot while digital controls monitor the temperature by feeding just enough pellets into the burn pot to maintain the right temperature.

In other words, pellet grills allow for easy and convenient barbecuing. Prep the grill, set the temperature, and the grill will ensure that your meat cooks at a constant temperature. Some models even offer Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can monitor and control the temperature from your phone, tablet, or another device. For a review of pellet grills on the market and a listing of features, check out

At the same time, the wood pellets provide great flavor from natural wood smoke. Most models offer a variety of woods to choose from, including hickory, apple, pecan, oak, cherry, or mesquite. This variety of pellets allow you to customize the smoke to produce the flavors of different barbecue regions on your grill. Choose hickory for Carolina pulled pork or oak for a central Texas brisket. Or choose your favorite flavor as you experiment with different kinds of wood pellets.

A pellet grill is much cleaner than a charcoal grill or offset smoker. Fueling the grill is as simple as dumping pellets into the hopper, so you don’t have to mess with charcoal dust. The pellets leave very little ash behind, making cleaning the grill much easier and cleaner. Most models are easy to clean and maintain.

Pellet grills combine the convenience of an electric smoker or a gas grill with the versatility of a charcoal grill. If you are looking for a versatile grill to cook all kinds of food with minimal effort, a pellet grill is a great choice.