Virginia Woolf’s wise sayings


Virginia Woolf was an English writer and one of the most significant and important people on the island. Her impact was enormous during the twentieth century, just like it keeps on being nowadays. Her books “A room of one’s own”, “Orlando”, “Mrs Dalloway” are her gifts for the humanity. In the period between the two World Wars, Wolf had been one of the most important and respected people, member of the London literature community. Moreover, she was the leader of Broomsbury, a group of intellectuals, writers, philosophers and artists. She is considered to be the founder and the inventor of the modern psychology novel.


However, Woolf ended her life with a suicide. She died on 28th of March 1941. Her psychology condition was getting worse and worse, which ended up to be the cause of her death. She even suffered from depression. The moment the life gave her lemons, she couldn’t get with the situation anymore. She took her life instead.


She is considered to be one of the wisest women in the world. Her literature has affected plenty of people worldwide. Her readers are her faithful followers, studying her work and life. Even though the very end of her life is not an example to follow, she gave a lot to the humanity. At least we nowadays remember her for her wise sayings.


You can find some additional inspiration in the following quotes this feminist writer came up with:

“You can’t find peace by trying to life”
“I can say that the past is beautiful because no one understands what does he feel at the present moment. We only understand it later and that’s why we don’t know what we feel in the present moment. However, we know exactly what we felt like in the past.”
“Some people address the priests, others turn to the poetry. Me, instead, turn to my friends.”
“In most cases of the history, the one who stands behind the signature of “anonymous” is a woman.”
“If you can’t speak the truth about yourself, there is no way to speak the truth about the others.”
“Why are the women more interesting to the men, unlike the men to the women?”
“Other people’s eyes are a prison for us. Their thoughts are our prison cells.”
“The woman has to have money and a room if she wants to write fiction.”
“I was thinking about how bad it is to be let alone outside. However, I was also thinking about how worse might be to be locked inside.”
“Throughout the years the woman served as a mirror to the man for reflecting his power and figure, twice as big as the real image.”
“Each secret of the writer’s soul, each experience in his life, each characteristic of his brain is written somewhere in his works.”
“One has to die first so the others can respect and value him and his life indeed.”
“It is incredible how the creative power suddenly brings the whole Universe in perfect order.”
“A beautiful thing seems right because of the power of the beauty. A hopeless thing seems wrong because of its weakness.”