Virtualise It – Why Virtual Office Use In Singapore Is Growing In 2019


Singapore is in the middle of a major transition. Not only is the city-state moving toward a more technologically sound landscape, but this technology also does not come without the advantages of community and environmental awareness. Among the locations many goals, one is to create communities that not only are fully integrated into technology but communities that are accessible by all members of society.

As a part of this emphasis on technology, Singapore is looking to create an infrastructure that will build digital hubs. Everything seems to be pointing to a future in which a virtual reality will play an even larger role in society. For example, the virtual office is currently a very popular way for many Singaporean businessmen and women to lease office space. This office style provides business owners with an internet connection, and in some cases, access to office space.

Let’s take a closer look at why the virtual office has become such a popular way of working in Singapore.

Office Space Spurring Startup Growth

There is definitely a need for the virtual office in a place where there is a lot of hope for industry but office space for a new venture can be expensive. In Singapore, new and alternative office spaces have become a part of the landscape, namely the coworking space and the virtual office. The virtual office in Singapore is usually provided through a serviced office or a subscription, and while the subscription might be more convenient, the serviced office provides businesses with more features. Virtual Office Singapore – Servcorp SG is just one example of the type of serviced office you might encounter.

In fact, the virtual office is one of several options that has fuelled start-ups simply because they are in fact a cheaper alternative to conventional office space. Furthermore, the new and alternative office spaces have given businesses a platform for making industry possible. With a number of technologies available and the reach of the online community, the virtual office has made it possible for even the most cash-strapped businesses to perform.

Growth Of Freelance Marketplace

Another reason for the rise of the virtual office in Singapore is because freelancing is becoming an increasingly popular way to make income. In this time, the opportunity is present and the technology is available for people to work for themselves from home in an affordable way. With the many tools available to everyday average consumers, you can have a reliable internet connection and access to office space, if leasing with a good serviced office provider.

Companies Moving To Remote Platform

As with the rest of the globe, technology is increasingly reducing our reliance on physical office space. With more companies adopting a remote-working platform, the tools and the technologies needed to support it are developing a foothold in business. The virtual office happens to be one of the newer platforms for providing businesses with access to office space.

Movement Away From Popular Modes of Transport

While it might seem off-point, the city-state’s move away from cars and other major sources of pollution might be another reason for the rise in the virtual office. A person can work from any place in the city, even at home, and can reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding the trek into the CBD every day. The virtual office presently has become popular because it gives businesses the freedom from driving to work daily.

Working Toward A Virtual Landscape  

The virtual office has become a popular solution for office space for monetary reasons, but it appears the whole society is taking a shift to a more integrated digital landscape. The virtual office, while having been around longer, has been a part of this shift to move toward more efficient work. This shift in society as a whole is one possible solution for its popularity.