Vital Tree Care Safety Practices


Tress at a residence enhance the overall look and appearance of the property. This is optimized when trees properly are trimmed, pruned, and otherwise tended. If you are like a good many people, you may elect to tend to tree care on your own.

By taking this route, you will find yourself working at heights using different types of hand and power tools. You will also need to use equipment like ladders or even scaffolding, depending on the type, quantity, and size of trees you have at your home. If you need help, you can ask tree service experts from Long Beach.

There are a variety of safety considerations you need keep in mind when undertaking tree care at your home. You protect your own wellbeing, and those of people around you, when you pay close attention to these safety factors.

Common Accidents Associated with Tree Trimming

Every year, a considerable number of people are injured or even killed in accidents associated with do it yourself tree care projects. The most common types of accidents associated with activities like tree trimming and pruning include:

  • falls
  • electrocutions
  • falling objects

Recommended Safety Equipment for Tree Trimming

General safety equipment needed for tree care projects include:

  • harnesses
  • belts
  • tree saddles
  • ropes
  • lanyards

Personal protective equipment needed for tree care endeavors include:

  • hard hats
  • face shields
  • safety glasses
  • shoes
  • gloves
  • high-visibility clothing
  • hearing protection

Ladder Safety

When it comes to vital tree care safety practices, particular attention must be paid to the proper use of ladders. These are crucial tips that you must keep in mind when it comes to ladder safety.

Before using a ladder, carefully inspect it for any defects. This includes a ladder that you have recently purchased.

Confirm that the ladder’s feet are in proper condition, including having suitable slip resistant pads.

If you have the slightest risk of coming into any type of contact with electricity, use a fiberglass ladder. Depending on where a tree is located, that risk might exist.

Make certain that you set the ladder on firm, level ground that provides rigid support for it from top to bottom.

When climbing a ladder, make sure you use three points of contact at all times. Keep one hand and both feet on the ladder. In the alternative, keep two hands and one foot on the ladder.

Never carry a load up or down a ladder that could cause you to lose your balance.

Never make any sudden movements on a latter that could cause it to tip over.

Never stand on the top step of a ladder.

Scaffold Safety

The two most common types of accidents involving a scaffold is the collapse of it or something falling from it. Both of these types of incidents can cause very serious and even fatal injuries.

Depending on what needs to be done with the trees in your yard, and how many of them you have, consider using a scaffold. If you elect to use a scaffold, there are some safety tips you need to appreciate.

Make certain that the scaffold is properly assembled and positioned at your residence. This include ensuring that all elements associated with a scaffold are in proper condition. It also requires that a scaffold be placed on a level, firm surface.

Make sure that anything place on a scaffold properly is secured. This includes the equipment being used to care for trees at your home.

Benefits of Hiring a Tree Care Professional

Unless you really of have significant experience in such tasks as tree trimming and pruning, and unless you truly understand what is needed in the way of proper safety for these types of projects, you need to give serious consideration to hiring a tree care professional. There are some important benefits that can be realized by retaining the services of a tree care professional.

First and foremost, if you have large trees at your home, the risks associated with caring for them can be significant. Safety is a primary benefit associated with retaining the services of a tree care professional.

Second, because professionals have strong backgrounds in caring for trees, you can be comfortable in knowing that work on the trees at your home is undertaken properly. You can have enhance confidence that the end result with tree care professionals will be that your needs and objectives completely are met.


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