Want a Cruise Vacation? Here’s why Hong Kong is a good destination for you


Imaging striding along the deck of a luxurious ship that gently sails across the deep blue oceans, chasing the horizon. Far away from the daily on-goings of the regular world, enveloped in a sense of serenity, taking a cruise is no less than a life-changing experience. So, if you are on the verge of crossing this off from your bucket list, there would be no better destination for your first cruise than the cruise hub of Asia – Hong Kong.

Why choose cruises to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is located centrally in the South China Sea and provides a gateway to the best and most exotic destinations in Asia. Being a popular hub for cruise liners, you get to choose from several options depending on the time you want to spend on the sea, and the destinations you wish to explore. The most popular cruise options from the country include those to Japan and Korea, as well as  South Eastern countries like Philippines and Vietnam, which means that you can explore some of the most stunning and scenic routes on cruises to/from Hong Kong. Hong Kong as a country, has, in fact, managed to create a niche in cruise vacations, becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. At any given time during the year, Hong Kong sees an influx of visitors who are intent on taking a cruise to far off destinations on a journey that promises to offer an incomparable experience.

When it comes to a cruise vacation, it is important to understand that the cruise is much more than a way to travel to reach your destination. When you cruise, even the travel is a luxurious experience that is unique in its own right. If you have decided to opt for a Hong Kong cruise, there are several options that you can avail; from short voyages for first-time cruise passengers to multi-destination trips and even week-long excursions across the Asian continent.

One of the best parts of Hong Kong cruises is that they are not only luxurious, but culturally immersive as well. What’s more, you get the chance to experience diverse traditions and customs of the Asian destinations.

In and around Hong Kong

Whether you plan to cruise to Hong Kong or from it, there is no reason for you to not explore this country. An erstwhile British colony, and today, a financial hub, Hong Kong offers visitors a perfect blend of modernity of the west and culture of the east. For this reason alone, you must plan a trip to explore Hong Kong and unearth its gems.

Before you book your cruise

Before you book your cruise to/from Hong Kong, here are some things that you should keep in mind, especially if it’s your first time:

On-Time Bookings

Unlike a flight, it is a general trend that a cruise may get fully booked almost a year before the date of departure. So, it is of prime importance that you plan our cruise and book well in advance. With an early booking period, you will be able to ensure that you are able to get a room based on your preferences. In fact, with an earlier booking, you may even be able to avail an affordable price.

Study the Deck Plan

Before you book your room, it is important that you carefully study the deck plan. This way, you will be able to ensure that you make an informed decision in choosing a room to book. The last thing you would want is to be disturbed on your vacation. So, if you want some quietude on the cruise, make sure that you choose a room that is a little distance away from entertainment centres like night clubs or restaurants.

Figure Out the Visa and Immunisation Requirements

You can find information regarding the visa and immunisation requirements at the time when you are making your booking. Make sure you are thorough with all the requirements to ensure that you don’t face any hassles later on.

Consider Sea-Sickness

A lot of people are prone to sea-sickness as compared to others. If you too get bouts of sea-sickness or are not really sure about your sensitivity, it is always a good idea to opt for a room towards the middle on a lower deck of the ship. You should be able to avoid sea-sickness at this spot. 

Choosing a package

It is a fact that choosing an all-inclusive package for a Hong Kong cruise will usually end up being more cost effective for you. So, do your research and look for the best deals before you book a cruise.

Cruises to/from Hong Kong are some of the most popular vacations that travellers opt for, and they could be the perfect choice for you to get some respite from the humdrum of daily life.