If You Want Something Lightweight and Durable, Look no Further than Aluminum


Residential and commercial properties alike often use aluminum ladders and for good reason. Aluminum is highly available and can be easily recycled. It resists fire and rust and is very lightweight, while reaming durable at the same time. This durability means that aluminum ladders can last for many years, while also being very affordable. Heavy duty aluminum ladders in particular can truly last a lifetime.

Types of Aluminum Ladders

  1. Extension ladders, which are suitable for working across various height. The top of the ladder leans against the wall of the building someone is working on, and the bottom is slightly away from the wall, which makes the ladder more stable.
  2. Platform ladders, which look like an upside down V. The top is fitted with a really wide step, on which supplies and tools can also be placed. These ladders fold up and are very easy to store.
  3. Roof style ladders, which have a hook at the top that can be slipped onto a roof to make it more stable. In terms of safety, these are the best types of ladders for working at heights. They also have wheels at the bottom, which enables them to be moved from side to side. Do make sure the wheels are locked before climbing the ladder.
  4. Combination ladders, which can be used in a range of different project. These ladders are popular with domestic and commercial users alike. It can be snapped and folded in many different ways. It also folds down in full, allowing for easy storage.
  5. Scaffolding ladders, which are used on construction sites. These have various sections and enable multiple people at the same time to climb and use them.


If you purchase an aluminum ladder, you have to take a few things into consideration. Mainly, remember that working on or with ladders is always risky, but particularly so near electric wires. This is because aluminum is a conductor. Plus, you must look after the ladder because, although durable, it can bend and/or rust. Lastly, check the weight rating before climbing the ladder.


Another reason why aluminum ladders are popular is because you can get various accessories with them:

  1. Platforms that fit onto the runs of the ladder, enabling users to keep their tools nearby.
  2. Trays, which are placed towards the top of the ladder and can be used for buckets and other tools.
  3. Stays, which stop the ladder from butting against the area that people are working on. This is usually added for gutter or eave work.

Last but not least, remember that you do perform regular maintenance on ladders. You don’t have to do much, but do check that the railings and hinges are in good condition and that they lock into place when you unfold your ladder. While it is unlikely that your ladder will break, it is always better to be safe than sorry, particularly since these types of ladders tend to go through significant abuse.