Want Your Wedding Flowers To Be Beautiful? – Try These 8 Tips!


1. Have a defined budget.

It is very important to consider how much you can afford for the wedding flowers for your special wedding ceremony and reception. Most florists admit that they get frustrated when a bride does not indicate her budget at the initial first meeting when the flowers are being discussed. This can lead to miscommunication and high costs that the bride cannot pay. Having a defined budget will help you to get the best flowers you can afford without any hassles.

2. Consider using a single color.

If you happen to have a tight budget, using just one color for the wedding flowers will still add a highly dramatic impact to make your day spectacularly lovely and truly elegant. A monochromatic color scheme for your wedding that transports to the linens, invitations, ribbons, decorations, etc., along with the flowers, will truly be impressive and gorgeous.

3. Use ceremony flowers at the reception.

You will love the money that you can save if you use the flowers from your ceremony also at your reception. Thus, get some vases, so that your wedding bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets can act as centerpieces for the head table, the cake table, etc.

4. Focus on your wedding bouquet.

Of course, you will be ordering various kinds of wedding flowers. This includes your bridal bouquet, corsages, centerpieces, decorations, and bridesmaids’ bouquets. But in the midst of all these floral considerations, make sure that your primary focus is on your own bridal bouquet. You are the center of attention on that day as the bride. Thus, all other flowers at your wedding are secondary to your own bridal bouquet. That means you should dare to splurge to have the bouquet of your dreams, even it if means cutting back on your budget for the secondary flowers in order to achieve this.

5. Order simple bouquets for your bridesmaids.

If you have bridesmaids that want to be all glamorous with their bouquets and are suggesting expensive bouquets, reel them in back to reality by explaining that your budget is tight. Thus, tell them that your bouquet will be the center of attention, because it is your special day. Assure them that their simple bouquets will still be pretty and elegant. Stick to your budget and do not let your bridesmaids bully you otherwise. It is your day after all.

6. Do not stick within the guidelines of tradition if you are not traditional.

You do not have to have loads of roses or other traditional wedding flowers at your wedding. Your centerpieces, flowers and decorations that you incorporate into your wedding should reflect your style and desires. So if you would like cacti, palm tree foliage, wild grasses, fruit, or vegetables to be used with other favorite flowers that you love, go for it. The creativity is up to you.

7. Know how many wedding flowers you are getting.

It is your right to ask the florist to quote you a price for the exact number of flowers that will be used for your floral arrangements, bouquets, decorations, etc. This will take out any guess work. This will help you to stay on track with your budget. This will prevent any misconceptions about the size of bouquets and floral arrangements.

8. Be flexible about the kinds of wedding flowers.

The flowers you have always dreamed about for your wedding many not be in season when you decide to get married. Maybe your florist can special order them for you. But they will cost more if they are not typically in season and must be flown in from some faraway place. Or the florist may not be able to get them at all. Consequently, it is good to be flexible with your choice of flowers if your first choice is not available. Your bouquet will still be breathtaking.