Waterfall Kitchen Countertops – 2017 Kitchen Decor Trend


If you are moving into a new home, or simply plan on giving your kitchen a makeover, then you may be interested to know about the 2017 kitchen decor trend of waterfall kitchen countertops. Yes, this type of countertops are the ones that are becoming really popular recently, so how about you choose some for your kitchen too?

Waterfall kitchen countertops can fit in different kitchen styles, including modern, Scandinavian, minimalist etc. And they can be also made of different materials, such as marble, concrete, glass, wood, granite, so you will for sure find the right one for your kitchen. Waterfall countertops will give your kitchen island a clean and uncluttered look. And not to forget to mention the durability of such countertops, which is not really the case with the usual end panels that can easily get scratched. Below, we have chosen several kitchen designs with such countertops. Check them out and decide of this type of countertop is the right choice for your kitchen too.

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Modern Kitchens With Waterfall Kitchen Countertops

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As you can see, waterfall countertops are not like the traditional countertops that surround the kitchen sink, stove or oven and stop at the edge, but flow all the way down to the kitchen floor. This type of countertops are great choice for giving an accent on the beauty of the material and they will work well in modern open floor plans.

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Granite, quartz and marble countertops are great choice for adding appeal to the wooden cabinets. Reclaimed wood countertops will give a rustic and natural touch to the kitchen, while the modern wood countertops will look as modern as stone ones. And the countertop made of tempered glass with unique patterns will add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, although is considered as not really durable.

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waterfall kitchen countertops
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So, would you choose one such contertop for your kitchen too? Tell us in the comments and also let us know which one from the above kitchen designs did you like the best. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to keep up with the latest home decor trends.