Way to Save Money on Ink Cartridges for Your Business


Printer ink cartridges can be very costly for even the smallest office, but there are many ways to save on this cost no matter how many prints you create on a daily basis. Check out a few ideas that any company can use to reduce how much they spend on printer ink and ink cartridges, so you and your employees can contain this expense as much as possible!

Buy compatible ink from a manufacturer

Compatible inks that you buy directly from manufacturers are typically made with the same materials and to the same exacting standards are name-brand inks, but for far less money. For example, Needham Ink’s compatible Videojet ink offers tremendous value for money if compared to purchasing the ink from the original manufacturer.

Ink manufacturers may also use recycled materials for cartridges since these materials are often cheaper than new plastics and other raw ingredients. In turn, they might pass the savings on to you!

Refill ink cartridges

Refillable ink cartridges are sometimes more expensive to buy than disposable cartridges, but you make up for this added cost by having those cartridges refilled when empty, rather than continually buying new cartridges. Refilling cartridges rather than tossing them out and buying new cartridges also keeps them out of landfills!

Be sure you shop for refillable ink cartridges in particular, as you typically can’t just refill a standard cartridge. Note, too, where and how those cartridges are refilled. Some ink companies have programs that allow you to mail cartridges to their location and they will send them back after being refilled. The money you spend on shipping and refilling costs is often much cheaper than new ink cartridges, so you save money and also reduce waste in the office.

Mind how you print

Many printers or computer programs will have printing choices specifically designed to save ink. These choices are usually called “draft mode” or “monochrome,” and they print your document in a gray or very light tone versus standard black or color printing.

If you cannot find these options on your printer or the computer program you’re using, you can manually choose a lighter ink shade for printing. Opt for a gray tone for standard print, and lighter shades of the colors you’re using for photos and graphics.

Mind your fonts

Thick and heavy fonts are useful for when you’re emphasizing specific text or information, and they can add style to marketing materials and presentations. However, thicker fonts also use a tremendous amount of ink! To save on the use of ink in the office, switch to thinner fonts such as Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman, or Arial. If you must emphasize a particular line or phrase, bold those words alone, but leave the rest of your text untouched.

While these suggestions may not seem like they would save a lot of money, remember that even the smallest amount of savings add up over time. A few dollars saved on your company’s ink cartridges “here and there” can translate to several hundred, if not even a few thousand dollars saved over the course of a year. Reusing ink cartridges and reducing your ink usage also means less waste and fewer trash pickups for your company, as well as less pollution and damage to the environment!