Ways Of Getting Rid of Pigeons From Your Property


Are you tired of cleaning the poop and dirt pigeons leave on your property? Are you concerned about the disease-bearing mites or ticks they carry into your home? We have come up with some effective ways of getting rid of pigeons from your property.


Pigeons are pleasing to look at but when they attempt to reside at your property they could be a threat. They have a disturbing cooing noise and they can spoil your property’s look by their dropping and feathers. Apart from being irritating pigeons also carry parasites which can transmit diseases. They build nests in flocks and it can be a struggle to get rid of them. In this article, we will discuss some of the options you can use for getting rid of pigeons.

Why are pigeons unwanted?

  1. Pigeon’s faeces are very unpleasant to look at.
  2. Their faeces attract rodents such as rats, mice and flies.
  3. Pigeon faeces can smear and probably damage the underlying ground since it is highly corrosive.
  4. Apart from the danger to your car and home, pigeon nests have been seen to jam up sewers also.
  5. Accumulation and damage to the roof can also be caused by poop.
  6. The high acidity in pigeon droppings will destroy the paint of your car, triggering your car to experience severe damage.

Ways Of Getting Rid of Pigeons

By alleviating themselves on every exterior in your property, not only these messy birds lead you to irritation, but they also disturb and worsen the condition by damaging your lawn, gobbling up your feeders, creating a mess of your water bowl and decorative waterfall. The list is long, so let’s discuss some of the most effective solutions for getting rid of pigeons from your property.

Birth Control Program:

It is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of pigeons. Birth controlling bait is available in the market such as OvoControl which is fed to birds to affect the fertility of their eggs. According to a report, you can reduce the pigeon number to 50% in the first year and to 95% in a few seasons.

Pigeon traps:

A pigeon trap works the same as a critter cage. You can add some attracting food in it such as fruits, vegetables or corn as bait. To prevent pigeons from roosting you could use a thong or a ventilation cable on the rail. Pigeons find it very uncomfortable to land on a basic strategy. The ideal time to trap pigeons is when their food is insufficient in the autumn. Many successful capturing areas in summers are ducts that have leaking water from air conditioners. Some traps are fitted with removable shade screens that draw pigeon’s attention in summer.

Make nesting sites unattractive:

Select sensitive positions to prevent pigeons from nestings, such as skirting boards and railings. Tying strings above the nesting ground will make the pigeons uncomfortable to land. You can use the same tip for window grills and railings, and mount wedge-shaped covers. The pigeons would leave to find some other place for nesting since there will be no flat surface to stabilize and build nests.

Don’t provide food:

Don’t give them food. Like other species, they will keep returning and the supply of food will also tempt more pigeons. Make sure that no enticing food supply is available, and you can efficiently hold pigeons away from the rooftop. Keep the feeding bowls covered if you are habitual of feeding other birds. Also, make sure that all garbage is packed tightly and stored with the cover closed in a container.

Close all available entrances:

It is a very powerful elimination technique to close the loopholes a pigeon might use. When examining the exterior of your house pay special consideration to the overhead and insulations for possible nesting places. If there are still gaps sufficient for a pigeon to pass through just seal them fully or add metallic steel bars. Pigeons are also known for blocking chimneys with their nests. A bird may also get stuck and die within the chimney. If your house has a chimney it is a good strategy to cover it with a metallic mesh frame.

Destruction of nests:

Another effective way of getting rid of pigeon’s flock and to keep them away from your property is to destroy their nests. Check carefully for every place where pigeon nests could be built. The air conditioners’ exterior units, buildings railings, windows, or walkway beams are the areas that pigeons want best for making their nests. Check for every nest in all of these areas. With a few leaves, and twigs pigeon nests are created and similarly, they can be quickly destroyed.

Scare the Birdies Away:

Besides, these fear methods may also be used to scare the pigeon swarms away. A blend of video and audio deterrent will function better, including false prey birds. A repellent, polybutylene gel could also be used. It is a slippery gel on which pigeons find it difficult to settle.

There are a lot of other strategies to get hold of pigeons without harming them. Find ways of stopping them coming back to your property. The choice depends upon you, whatever solution you choose to get rid of these annoying domestic birds make sure it is humane.