Ways to Cut Down Cost for Young Drivers


The cost of insurance for a young person under-25has dropped a bit this year amid coronavirus pandemic. It indicates fewer claims.But it is still high where the average amount of car insurance for a 20 to 24 years old is around $900 per year. There are some ways with the help of which you can easily cut this cost. 

Here, we have a step by step guide that would be helpful to know about specialized tricks and how much is car insurance for a 20-year old. Let us get started with the same below. 


Never assume that third-party is the cheapest one 

Three different kinds of car insurance are there such as third party only, fully comprehensive, and third-party fire and theft. Ideally, the third-party insurance ought to be cheapest for young ones and it proffers a lesser level of cover as compared to other comprehensive, but this is not the case everytime.But the real fact is that people who choose third-party insurance are of high risk. You can find at least $1500 saving for getting a comprehensive cover over a third-party policy. 

Adding your dad or aunt

We have observed that adding an occasional member of 40-year old can cut the cost for an18-year old by around $1000. So, adding a second driver like a dad or aunt can reduce the cost and cut it down. Car insurance is associated with the risk factor and if you are a high-risk driver like the age is less, then the premium will be high but adding a low-risk driver can push down the car insurance. So, you may have chances to get a low-priced policy.

Getting insurance after 20-25 days can be the low-priced

An investigation has analyzed that buying a car insurance 20 to 25 days ahead is the cheapest alternative rather than buying it in advance. You can get fewer returns on the same as quoted by millions of buyers.  

Leave a low-risk driver impression

No matter whether you are an attractive or highly experienced driver, the insurance premium for the companies relies on three factors such as selecting the insurer, level of coverage, and your level of risk. The rates of car insurance are based on the actuaries and the main job is to calculate the risk attached. You can save a big amount of money by showing the insurer that you are not a high-risk driver. 

Never go for auto-renewal 

Sometimes, the car insurers preying on loyal customers. You have car insurance of $1000 every year, for instance, but the new policy is $550. How do they justify the same? They didn’t do. The insurance companies charge increasing amounts each year and they are aware that of policyholder’s inertia to not switch to any other company. If your renewal is increasing year by year, then jot it down to remember the amounts and compare various companies. 

These are some trick though it is easy to save a few bucks how much is car insurance for a 20-year old.