Ways To Have An Adventurous Trip In Mexico


Who said your vacation has to be just sightseeing and travelling to far off destinations? You can have a fun-filled trip to Mexico and indulge in some adrenaline pumping adventures to stay active while you are travelling. You can also try some activities, which you have not performed earlier to push your limits and feel refreshed. If you wish to come out of your comfort zone, then make sure that you add some adventurous activities to the holiday itinerary. Mexico is not only popular for its beautiful landscapes, as the city has more to offer to make you even more adventurous.

  1. Enjoy Kayaking

Enjoy kayaking through the lagoon in the turquoise color and watch the herons, pelicans, and flamingos. You can explore the impressive ecosystem while paddling the kayak in the deep blue sea amidst the green jungles of Sierra Madre cliffs. Learn fishing and have fun pulling up the fishes to your kayak in the quaint fishing village called Punte de Mita. You can enjoy Mexico Punta Mita by staying at a villa on rent to have a comfortable stay during your Mexican trip.

  1. Have Fun While Snorkeling

Have a memorable adventure when visiting Los Cabos. Watch the sea lions having fun in their natural habitat while snorkeling and swimming with them. Sea lions are friendly and love to swim with travelers like you while some might like to run along the shore while you are swimming.

  1. Sand Dunes Surfing

If you hate the cool weather but wish to try your hand at some kind of adventure sport while on your trip to Mexico, then you can practice sand dune surfing at the Algodones located away from Baja California and Mexicali. You can also choose the single day sand boarding trips where you will receive all the instructions and gear required for surfing the sand dunes. Have a lifetime experience surfing the sand dunes during a hot and humid day and let the adrenaline flow.  

  1. Go Hiking

The state of Oaxaca is popular for its mineral spring that is situated at the tip of the cliff that was formed due to the accumulation of minerals over a period of more than thousands of years. The waterfall looks like it is carved out of solid stone and the region is known as Hierve el Agua. Enjoy taking a dip in the cool water loaded with minerals and enjoy a walk around the mineral falls and take shots of the breathtaking view of the mineral spring from below and side. If you love photography or an amateur trying to take some memorable pictures of the world around you, then this region of Oaxaca is the right choice.

  1. Try Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is an activity that has been gaining popularity in the recent times and can be performed by almost all. During your trip to Mexico, try your hand at paddle boarding, as you just have to stand on a surfboard and propel using a paddle.