Ways to Help Your Child Move to an Out of State College


Moving to college can be an emotional and stressful affair for your child. And even for parents, the time leading up to their child’s departure can be full of emotion. The decision to move out to an out-of-state college, hundreds of miles away from home, can further amplify those feelings. It is normal for both, parents and child, to have mixed feelings of fun and excitement, worry and sadness. Parents and guardians, there are a lot of things you can’t control, but there are some things you can. Here are a few tips that can help you navigate this transition and make the process a little easier on everyone involved.


Encourage Open Communication

Open communication is one of the most important ways to make your child feel comfortable about the transition. It is important to create an open dialogue when your child wants to go away for college so that he feels supported to share his or her feelings about the move. Reciprocate your excitement in their decision, and show how much you support them. Also express your fears, sadness and worries about leaving home. Try to be enthusiastic and positive to give your child the confidence they need at this time in their life. Convey your faith in their capabilities to go away and do well at a new school in another state.

Help Plan The Move

Moving to a new school requires planning well in advance. During the college moving season, countless other students are travelling to their new dorms. So from packing to booking flight tickets, you wouldn’t want to wait until the last minute to do anything. Begin by making a moving checklist so that nothing gets forgotten. Divide the things on your checklist between you and the child, and make it a team effort. Help them begin the packing process, hire a team of movers providing professional packing service to pack and take the boxes to their destination. Moving away from home for the first time can feel a bit overwhelming, so support in whatever way your child expresses a need.

Pack a Surprise

Who doesn’t love surprise treats? Make sure you a pack a surprise “care package” with the other stuff. The surprise could be anything – some photos of the family, their favourite snacks, a note of encouragement, or a roll of quarters for laundry. Once settled into the dorm, it will be a welcome comfort for the child to receive something special. No matter how independent and mature your child may be, they will definitely appreciate your gift of love.

Make a schedule, but don’t get too emotional

As your child begins the new journey, you may want to schedule regular visits and phone calls with him or her to keep in close contact. But as the new schedule starts, you may find that the calls and visits need to be rescheduled due to one reason or the other. Don’t take it to heart – instead, be happy that your child is enjoying his college life and getting involved in the extra-curricular activities. One of the advantages of going to college away from home is the opportunity to explore new places and indulging into new activities. So, support your child in being a part of the college.

Give Some Space

Moving to an out-of-state college means that the child won’t probably be coming home on the weekends – and that can create a few challenges right out of the gate. But don’t you worry, trust your child and let them go with the flow. Trust your upbringing; your child is mature and capable. Give them enough space to learn, explore and even face challenging situations. This will help create a layer of trust between you and the child, and they will appreciate the effort you put. Of course – make yourself available if they need you – but don’t fret until they tell you the problem.

If you aren’t able to accompany your child on their move, make sure they are cared for with great attention. Hire a team of local movers in Frederick, MD to load and unload their belongings to the dorm room, and make it easier for them.