Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating- Don’t Sweat More


Sweating is natural and everyone sweats because it is the way our body regulates its temperature. It can make you feel great at gym, but what about sweating at office or during a special event? Definitely it will make you feel uncomfortable.

Since sweating is a natural part of our life, most of the people sweat profoundly due to a medical condition which is named as ‘hyperhidrosis’. In this situation, an individual may sweat four or five more times a day than usual.


So, if you really don’t want to be embarrassed anymore with a sweaty hug or an awkward high-five then you should try the following ways to stop excessive sweating in order to stay dry for hours.

Apply Antiperspirant Rightly

Most of the people wake up early in the morning, take bath and apply Antiperspirant to prevent sweating all the day. But, it is wrong.

As antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat ducts so that the wetness cannot reach out of the skin, some of them don’t start working immediately. That’s why; applying it before sleeping can provide better outcomes. For best results, you should apply antiperspirant at dry areas at night before going for sleep.  In this way, it will take enough time to create the block over the sweat ducts to keep your underarms dry for a long run. Once applied at night, it will start working properly and can also be applied later when needed to stay dry either at office, in class or at date.

Dermatology Treatments

There are several medical (Dermatology) treatments available to stop excessive sweating that can work well for people who have tried anti-perspirant and many other things but still facing the issues.

These medical treatments are also for those who are suffering from excessive sweating not because of heat and physical activities and the situation is known as ‘Hyperhidrosis’.

Botox NYC Injection momentarily blocks the nerves that cause sweating in human body. Effects of the Botox can last for 6 to 10 months and the process will need to be repeated again to keep your underarms and other skin dry. Minor pain and little but muscle weakness can occur when botox injected at the specific part of body.

Lontophoresis is another medical treatment to prevent sweating. The process involves putting hands or feet in water (collected in a bowl) and an electronic pulse is put through it. Medical experts repeat this process after a weak. Hence, you can also invest in this machine to keep it at home to repeat the process yourself.

Most of the dermatologists also prescribe oral medication and drugs to their patients to help them prevent sweating. People who take oral medication to stop sweating may experience some side effects such as bladder problems, dry mouth, and blurred vision etc. That is the reason; only use an oral medication to stop sweating if you feel comfortable with it.

Surgery can be the final medical treatment to stop sweating and can be conducted in some serious conditions. The process involves removal of sweat glands from the human body. Microwave therapy and nerve surgery are the other forms of surgery that a dermatologist suggest to his/her patients.

Chose Clothes Wisely

Your selection of clothes can help you a lot to stop sweating. If you sweat than normal routine, you should be wearing light and breathable fabrics to boost ventilation as well as to prevent your body from excessive sweating. Wearing light colors can keep you from damaging sunrays by absorbing heat to stop your body from sweating due to excessive heat.

Alternatively, you can also choose dark clothes in order to hide the sweat. Outfits with more than one layer can also help you hide sweating so it wouldn’t be visible to any other.

Revise your Diet Plan

Eating foods and diet that promotes good nerve health can also help you reduce sweating naturally. Diet rich in vitamin b complex, Magnesium and Omega-3 fats is the best way to stop sweating without visiting a dermatologist or doing anything else because it can make your sweating glands healthy to stop producing excessive and unnecessary sweating. Processed foods, soda drinks and alcohol can speed up the sweating process so avoid them all if you really want to stay dry all day.