Ways to Use 2018’s Most Popular Gemstone in your Home Décor


As we’re approaching the end of the spring and getting ready for the summer, our choice of gemstones is slowly changing too. It’s time to get rid of heavy, dark jewelry, and pick something brighter and lighter. Consider choosing one of the most popular gemstones in 2018 – pearls. Despite maintaining a steady stream of popularity throughout the years, there seems to be an unprecedented new fondness for the precious gem. People have begun to reimagine how they wear pearls, using them to add the perfect finishing touch to both their formal and casual outfits. However, this new fascination with pearls doesn’t stop there. They can also be used in fun and creative ways. Feel free to integrate pearls into your home décor to showcase the gemstones as well as add sophistication to your interior design.

Faux Pearl Chandelier to Light up the Room

While real pearl chandeliers may not exist, faux pearl ones do, and they are absolutely stunning! These chandeliers create a warm and elegant ambiance that can give any room a dash of much-needed charm and character. They can serve as the centerpiece to design the rest of the room around as well as bring different elements together. These brilliant chandeliers are sure to make a statement as well as start a conversation, offering much more than simply a way to illuminate a room. They can set the right mood for a fancy dinner party or a cozy afternoon spent reading a nice book. Our favorite part? Despite having an ultra-luxurious look, faux pearl chandeliers are very reasonably priced.

Decorate a Vase with a Pearl Necklace


All too often, pearl necklaces are stuck in a jewelry box except for a handful of times when you wear them. Something so beautiful shouldn’t be locked away in a drawer for months, especially when it can be used to create a visually appealing design. People have found a fun way to showcase their glamorous pearl jewelry more often by using them as accents for decorative vases around the house. Delicately put your necklace around the rim of the vase to add a refined touch (bracelets work well too, especially if stacked). Such a small accessory can completely change the look of any boring item and add a twist to your design. Finish the look by adding fresh white roses that will exquisitely complement the hue of the one-of-a-kind gemstone. This simple and easy trick can go a long way and add some flair to a mundane room making sure that the pearls (and all of their glorious beauty) get the attention they deserve.

Pearl Candles for a Sprinkle of Lavishness


Candles are essential when it comes to getting the interior design right and can be used in many different ways. Not only do candles scent the space, but they can also add an element of warmth to a room’s aura. The recent popularity of pearls has created a large demand for candles that are decorated with them. Your options are inevitable. However, this candle adorned with golden faux pearls is certainly our favorite. When choosing such a decoration, do consider where you’re going to place it. In that way, you can get a better understanding of the colors that you are working with. Choose a candle that will enhance the appearance of the room. If you’re in the mood for a DIY project, then purchase some of these pearls and use a glue gun to decorate the candles and make them a lot more special. The pleasant qualities of this item combined with the timeless look of the pearls bring about a unique piece of décor. Such details can help your interior look fantastic throughout the whole year!