We Need To Add Taboos in Our Discourse to Repair the Social Fabric


Compared to where we started out, our society has gone through some major changes. Where technological innovation has made lots of their easier for us, it has also made families grow apart from each other. There used to be a time when families used to sit together and sort their issues out. But since mobile phones and the internet has taken over the young generation, no one has the time or attention to do so. 

Most of the teens nowadays have stuck to the internet when it comes to discussing issues. Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer users a great audience to discuss their issues. However, these platforms lack anonymity. No one can discuss their opinions without being judged, which is why secrecy is a must in today’s word. Platforms like Doe provide users with the benefit of discourse to discuss taboos in the cover of anonymity so that you won’t be bullied online. Here is why we need to add taboos in our discussion to repair the social fabric and bring about a positive change in the world. 

To Remove Stereotypes

Some values have been embedded in us since generation. Because of that, when someone speaks about an issue that works against our culture, we quickly associate a name with that person or community. If someone speaks about women’s issues in our society, we say that he/she is a feminist. There are a lot of normal things like sex, periods, religion, etc. that we simply don’t talk about because it is against our culture. If someone voices an opinion different than ours, we attack that person without listening to what he is saying or giving his opinion a second thought. So, discourse allows people to say what they want to say and raise awareness about these issues without any judgment. 

To Create a Support Network

Society plays a very major role in bringing people down and lifting them up. The internet is a great way to offer moral support to people. When you see that someone else is going through the same thing that you are going through or you have gone through, you can easily develop an emotional connection with that person. Reading stories on the internet and seeing how those people handle it gives you the strength to do the same and come out a better person. So, it is very important that we make taboos a part of our discourse so that other people can gain confidence from us.