Wedding Dance Dos and Don’ts


Your wedding is a day that you have been dreaming of your entire life. It’s finally time to make a reality all the things you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl. You’ve envisioned everything. From the flower arrangements to the dress, you crave perfection in every detail. You have found the best caterers, gathered your family and loved ones, hired the perfect photographer and made sure that your partner’s tie is on straight. With the risk of sounding like a bridezilla, you will want to make sure that the day you’ve dreamt of reflects your big day.

One important detail is your first dance. In fact, you may worry about the entire choreography of your wedding reception. From group dances, a loving father-daughter moment, and your first dance as a married couple, you should prepare and practise these wedding dance moves beforehand so that every step is beautiful.

Sticking With Tradition

Not every couple wants to break with tradition: these tried and tested dance moves are often the way to for a memorable and elegant night. You will dance to your song, a tune that you related to as a couple throughout your relationship. You may cut time or make it simple due to stage fright. But don’t cut the time of your ballroom dancing lessons by any means. They will help ward off your joint anxiety and both of you will become more confident and able to savor this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Whether you want to salsa, waltz or get down to something a bit more modern, always practice beforehand. Make sure to plan dance classes a few months ahead and don’t skip a single class. At the end of the day, you do not want to wing it when it comes to your first dance as a couple. Or maybe you do – make the dance uniquely yours.

Wedding traditions such as the father-daughter dance, the first dance as a married couple, and the mother-son dance are those precious moments that you want to choreograph to perfection during the reception. You may want to practice these as well to combat any wedding day jitters.

Get Together

The center of the wedding reception is the music, the dancing, and the overall excited mood of everyone that you love. They will send requests to the DJ and dance together. For your reception, start out with milder music, let your grandparents hear the hits from their generation, and allow the younger teens to have a good time as well. Typically milder music is played earlier in the evening and gets progressively more fun.

Top wedding hits such as the Electric Slide and the Chicken Dance are on the must-have list for any DJ. Whether your family loves modern hip-hop or old-school hits, these favorites grace every group wedding dance – and we all love them.

Trending Styles

Whether you appreciate old traditions or modern chic, you will want to please all of your guests by throwing a trendy and fun wedding reception. What is popular among today’s wedding guests? Practice beforehand: often, guests will stage a dance that looks as well-knit and professional as a stage production. The bride and groom also love the surprise dance: what starts as slow and romantic turns into a side-splitting series of hilarious moves that everyone will love.

Whether you do the Charleston or spend months mastering the Salsa, make sure that your wedding dance is your own. Wear sneakers or the highest heels on the market, whatever makes you comfortable – this is your day and you should dance until your heart is truly content.