Wedding planner – budget breakdown and who does what


Looking for a wedding planner that covers each and everything you need to complete before the big event? Well, it is your lucky day – this article is going to discuss most of your responsibilities throughout this stressful period. Besides that, you will also get a list of the responsibilities of other important participants at your wedding. Knowing early enough who does what can be extremely helpful when everything seems to fall apart. Planning a wedding is no easy thing, especially if you don’t get enough help from those around you. The first thing you have to understand is that asking for help is not a bad thing. Whenever you feel like you can’t face all the responsibilities involved in this process, you can ask for a helping hand from your loved ones. Organizing a wedding on your own is almost impossible, and you shouldn’t stress it that much. Share responsibilities with those who are willing to help.

Now, a good wedding planner should point out from the very beginning how much time is left until the big event and what tasks need to be completed by that respective time. Usually, a wedding preparation starts around one whole year before the actual wedding night. Yes – it is a lot of time that requires managing, but you’ll notice is not as complicated as you believe. This is the moment when you should decide what your budget is. Depending on your budget, you will create a checklist and thoroughly respect it from start to finish. For wedding and promise rings, you can check here. Give yourself enough time to do this and don’t panic over small things. The wedding will eventually come up exactly as you wished to. Here’s what you might want to know:

Budget breakdown

The budget of a wedding is usually separated into:

  • Reception

The reception represents most of your wedding expenses. You should start with the reception venue. Where do you want your wedding party to be held? Is the place appropriate for your current budget? Ask yourself these questions first. The reception also includes food menus and the cake. Again, choose options that are suitable for your budget and number of guests. Rentals and entertainment options are included here as well.

  • Ceremony

The ceremony consists of paying for a marriage license, for officiant fees and the ceremony venue. You can also choose to hire ceremony musicians, but it isn’t a must.

  • Attire

For attire, you should select an affordable wedding dress and tuxedo. It is all up to you how expensive you want these to be. The wedding rings and other accessories are part of this category too. Consider how much you’ll spend on hair and makeup as well.

  • Stationery

Stationery can’t miss – the invitation, postage, welcome bags, escort cards and table numbers are all stationery products you should purchase from the very beginning. Choose a theme for your wedding so you’ll know what to select.

  • Flowers and decors

Flowers are more expensive than people think. You should buy flowers and other decorations for both the ceremony and the reception. Bouquets and boutonnieres are a must. For decor, always choose rentals to save money.

  • Photography and videography

It’s quite simple – you have to hire both a photographer and a videographer. Don’t forget to pay for the photo albums. You can also have an engagement photo shoot to include in these albums.

  • Other small details (gifts, favors, transportation etc.)

Time breakdown

  • Twelve months before

This is the moment when you decide the exact date and time for the wedding. You should gather inspiration online and decide what theme you’ll opt for. Slowly create the guest list and check twice to see you didn’t miss anyone. Start researching vendors, photographers, videographers and any other services you’ll require later. Take the engagement photo shoot if you’re ready.

  • Six months before

Hire your vendors and purchase the invitations – it is the moment to send them. Keep in mind you have a honeymoon to organize as well, so book your favorite hotel early enough. Draft your wedding timeline to know for sure what to do first. Start purchasing the attire and make sure everything fits well.

  • Two months before

Confirm that all of your vendors are set and sound for the big event. Check with your guest list and see if invitations are confirmed or not. Review the playlists you want to hear for your big day. You should also start to take some dancing lessons. Meet with the photographer to plan shots you really want in your album.

  • One month before

This is the moment you should obtain your wedding license. In case you want to hold a rehearsal dinner party, go ahead and send invitations. Confirm that both bridesmaids and groomsmen are ready. Discuss with the maid of honor and the best man to see if everything is alright.

Who does what

The responsibilities of each participant are very important, otherwise, the wedding would be a complete mess. Keep in mind that organization is the one behind the entire wedding, so go ahead and tell everyone exactly what they have to do. Start with:

  • The maid of honor

Her responsibilities include helping the bride to purchase and put on her wedding dress, shoes and accessories. Along with the best man, she should sign the marriage license as a witness. The maid of honor will help with the vendor search, rentals, food, and cake – anything that’s organizing-related. She’ll give a toast at the reception, so make sure you talk about speeches.

  • The best man

The best man will plan your husband’s bachelor party. He is also responsible for giving a toast. The best man speech is much more complex than one of the maid of honor, so make sure you discuss about it and help the best man compose the most appropriate speech.

  • The bridesmaids and the groomsmen

They should decorate the wedding car and attend all the pre-wedding events. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen will assist in seating guests at both the ceremony and the event. You can ask them for help at any given moment during the wedding planning.