The Wedding Registry Must-Haves


There are a lot of exciting parts of planning a wedding, and creating an amazing wedding registry is the perfect chance for you to prepare for your new life with your partner. There are a lot of different registry ideas and things to consider that it can easily get overwhelming! Whether you live alone or with your partner already, you’ll need to put a lot of thought into your registry items. These are the items you’ll have as a married couple, and they’ll be with you for the long haul! Here are the wedding registry absolute must-haves to get you started.

A high-quality stand mixer for your kitchen

Whether you’re making an Amazon Wedding Registry or a department store registry, you should be sure to include a stand mixer. Stand mixers like the well-known KitchenAid model are basic kitchen staples, and it’s not likely something you already have left over from your college apartment. These mixers are perfect for baking and everyday cooking, and they come in a lot of fun colors.

A coffeemaker to fuel your early mornings

Everyone needs a coffee maker in their kitchen, especially for those early mornings together with your new spouse! Your old beat-up coffee maker from the ‘90s might still work fine, but it’s time for an upgrade. Your wedding registry is the perfect time to ask for that fancy coffee maker you’ve been eyeing for months now. The most versatile coffee makers are the ones which can make both hot and cold drinks, as well as single-serve and multi-serve.

Add a serious vacuum cleaner

If you’ve been living in shared apartments or your parents’ house, you probably don’t have a quality vacuum cleaner to call your own. Throw your old dirt buster away and invest in a new model on your wedding registry. Look for vacuum cleaners that come with different attachments for different surfaces and hard to reach places.

Don’t forget the slow cooker

Slow cookers are perfect for newlywed couples still unsure how best to prepare their own food together. You can’t get take out every night! Slow cookers are the easiest way to prepare food that’s ready to eat by the time you get home from work! There are a lot of different slow cookers to choose from, but be sure you get one that’s the right size for your cooking needs!

Choose a high-quality dish set

If you’ve been using the same set of dishes for years now, it’s time for an change. Choose a high-quality set of dishes and silverware to add to your wedding registry. Keep in mind you want this set to last you for a while, so choose a timeless pattern or design in a quality material like glass or silver. You definitely can’t go wrong with an all-white collection of dishes that you’ll never outgrow!

Include a set of wine glasses

Wine glasses are a staple of every get-together, and if you’re getting married, it’s time to commit to a set of quality wine glasses. It’s no longer acceptable to drink wine in whatever glasses you can find (or worse, right from the bottle!) so do some research about the type of glasses that suit your taste and drinking style. Once again, choose ones that are designed to last a while. It’s probably better to order more than you’ll need for yourself in case you entertain guests!

Create the perfect wedding registry!

Your wedding registry is the perfect chance to prepare for a life together with your partner! Sit down together and talk about what you think you need for your new life, and remember these things that should stand the test of time. You might even hand them down to your children! It’s okay to focus on quality and style when it comes to creating the perfect wedding registry!