What Are CBD Gummies & How Do They Work?


Bears have been a symbol of sweetness, love, perseverance, and strength for years. No wonder teddies are the favorites of kids and grownups even when it comes to those colorful, flavorful and sweet, chewy gummy bears. We all have known gummies ever since their origin in Germany around 1920. Most are fascinated with those candid colors, sweet-sour taste, fruity flavors and there some unique like pineapple-coconut that are a perfect relish. The most popular go-to the option that satisfies the cravings for sweets is also known to benefit health due to their gelatin content that provides a collagen boost to improve hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. The trendy version of these popular gummy confections comes with additional nutritional benefits when combined with CBD or cannabidiol. In fact, among all other CBD edibles for sale, they are the fun way to get your daily supplement or medical bangs fixed and are known as CBD gummies.

Delicious Chewy Treat for Daily Supplement

CBD gummies are convenient and tasty jelly candies made up of gelatin, sugar, corn syrup, citric acid and most importantly infused with CBD. Real CBD gummies are infused using high quality and a full spectrum CBD oil containing a balanced proportion of various compounds found in cannabis that work in synergy to produce a favorable result in terms of therapeutic and supplementary needs. They also come in natural and artificial flavors (as some brands might use artificial food grade ingredients) like grape, blueberry, strawberry, zesty lemon, etc and of course can be in the form of bears, frogs, rings, fruit, and floral shapes.

What happens when you pop that CBD Gummy in your mouth?

Before we understand how the scrumptious CBD gummies melt and produce blissful experience when they enter our mouth, let us understand how the human body mechanism gets involved in it.

  • Endocannabinoid system/ ECS.

              Our bodies come equipped to perform various functions and combat pain through a complex interrelated network of neurotransmitters and receptors that produce Cannabinoid naturally and known as Endocannabinoid system/ ECS.

  • Phytocannabinoid

            CBD gummies are infused with the phytocannabinoid form (i.e CBD derived from plant sources) that are capable of enhancing the natural capability of human and other species to produce various enzymes( like anandamide 2 or bliss molecule) and hormones by stimulating hypothalamus that regulates metabolism, growth, lactation, reproduction, and stress.

  • Lock &  Key Fit Mechanism

             ECS gets stimulated by the lock and key fit mechanism of CBD- a precursor along with CBN or Cannabinol(a metabolite of THC) which is  non-psychoactive and various cannabinoid receptors in the body. Major receptors being CB1 receptor-found in the brain, central nervous system and also sparsely populated in other parts of the human body and CB2 receptors spread in peripheral organs and strongly related to cells within the immune system. Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal/HPA is dependent on the CB1 receptor that mediates signaling to stimulate crucial neuroendocrine response to stress.

          Now when you put a CBD gummy in your mouth and start chewing- it breaks down, gets mixed with saliva that ensures CBD absorption into parts of mouth first, later in the bloodstream and then eventually reaches our digestive system for further processing. First things first:

  1. You will be surprised to know that CBD does not interact directly with CB1 or CB2 receptors.
  2. CBD actually inhibits fatty acid amide hydrolase/FAAH along with an enzyme that breaks down cannabinoids and increases endocannabinoid tone in the body.
  3. Thus FAAH inhibitors appear to improve the regulation of the HPA axis and are helpful for anxiety-related disorders. The exact process is still to be explored fully but FAAH inhibitors for sure help modulate the sensitivity of the Cannabinoid receptors and improves ECS tone to achieve homeostasis/balance in the body.

That looks like quite a detailed biology session! But why are these CBD gummies famous all of a sudden? The answer to this lies in recent promising scientific studies and the legalized use of medical marijuana in New York , the hub of the major population fighting for easy access to medical cannabis and all other states across the U.S for medicinal purposes. The mysterious cannabis compounds are now somewhat revealing  the abilities to help some cases of seizures and epilepsy in children, curing chronic joint and body pains, helping cancer patients with managing healthy appetite and also addressing daily health issues like stress, sleeplessness, and social anxiety.

Why CBD gummies and not other CBD intake methods?

How to consume CBD is all about personal preferences and comfort. Some people find it mesmerizing with all those clouds formed by using vape pens, while others seek relief by placing tinctures under the tongue or having it mixed in the chocolates, health drinks, cookies, and pastries. However, there are certain benefits of administering CBD in the gummy form especially when it comes to dietary supplement needs of kids and pets. Some of them are listed below.

  • Easy and attractive way to suffice sweet tooth, no matter a nostalgic adult, candy-loving kid or a playful pet.
  • Portable and can be consumed conveniently while on the go, unlike tinctures.
  • It is easy to manage dosages as CBD gummies come in various potency levels and containers of various sizes.
  • Effect kicks off within half an hour and lasts longer as it not only gets absorbed in circulatory system but also effectively digested in the stomach.
  • Mellow and soothing to your mouth, throat, and lungs as compared to vaping.
  • Legal to consume and place an order without prescription across all 50 states.
  • No psychoactive effects and non addictive in nature.
  • CBD gummies serve as an economical substitute for costly conventional medicines and dietary supplements.

Whatever your reason may be, CBD gummies infused with superior quality CBD for sure will lessen body aches, relax your mind, help you sleep peacefully and fulfill your dietary supplement needs. Do not wait, pop one now before they all get consumed!