What Are the Advantages of Using An Industrial Floor Cleaner


Whether it’s carpet, tiles or timber flooring, do these floors require cleaning with industrial strength floor cleaning equipment, or will a vacuum and mop do the job?

Well, it depends on the floor, how much foot traffic it gets, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

When it comes to our homes, generally a sweep or vacuum and a mop will be enough most of the time, except for occasionally having the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned. It’s a different story in a commercial environment though.

Commercial premises will usually benefit more from an industrial floor cleaner, with the occasional sweep and mop. It’s virtually the reverse of the home environment, largely due to the size of the floor area, as well as the amount of traffic the area gets each day.

Large Floor Areas Require Heavy Duty Equipment

Imagine cleaning the floors of a shopping mall with just a mop and broom, with the expectation of the management that the floors will look like new by the time you are done.

It’s just not going to happen, apart from taking an eternity to do the job each time.

At the very least, unless you have a team of dozens of people, you’ll want to be using a ride-on floor scrubber and sweeper to get the task done in a reasonable time frame. Time is money, after all, both for the cleaning crew and shopping centre management.

Following scrubbing and sweeping, it might be a requirement to polish the floor as well. Professional floor polishing equipment is the only valid option to polish tiles across very large spaces. Performing such a task by hand would be back-breaking work and likely not get finished in time.

Keeping Industrial and Commercial Work Areas Clean

Places like commercial kitchens and areas of industry tend to get very grimy incredibly quickly. Large kitchens such as those found in major hotels could be cleaned by staff with a mop, but it’ll be far quicker and much more effective to bring in heavy grade commercial cleaning equipment to get it done. The same goes for areas like factory floors and the massive floors of warehouses.

Big jobs and places where cleanliness is vital will require the use of industrial-strength machines. Commercial kitchens need to pass health department standards, and large industrial floor areas need cleaning equipment that shaves massive amounts of time off the cleaning process, as well as achieving the desired results.

There are even industrial size power vacuums that can be utilised to suck up all that dirt and dust in no time flat. These vacuums are fast, effective and leave no residual mess behind.

The Ride-On Scrubber and Dryer Is the Ultimate Choice

This type of industrial cleaner is the perfect choice for industrial applications. Large areas are a breeze to clean with a ride-on model, as it has scrubbers on the front of the machine, followed by rapid floor dryers on the rear.

Naturally, there are different sized machines with varying capabilities designed for different surfaces and area sizes. It really depends on your requirements what equipment you’ll need to get a satisfactory job done in quick time.

Cleaning Companies Rely On Speed

It was mentioned earlier that time is money, and that’s especially true if you’re running a professional commercial cleaning business. People want top quality results in fast time, and for highly competitive prices. The only real way all this can be achieved is with the right equipment.

As the manager or owner of a cleaning business, you’ll also want to be able to retain high-quality staff, and you’ll have a far better chance of that if you equip your team with gear that not only makes the job easier but gets the results that are expected of them.

The Takeaway

Whether you choose to rent, lease or buy the equipment outright, it’s well worth the investment in the success of your cleaning business to arm you and your team with the latest and greatest high tech commercial cleaning machines and equipment.

The same goes for providing cleaning equipment for your regular staff to keep the premises clean, if you don’t hire the services of professional cleaners.