What Are the Amazing Health Benefits of Hemp Extract and Oils?


Hemp-based products are one of the latest trends within natural health and wellness communities. Cannabis products, particularly hemp oil, have been the center of attention in recent years, with people claiming that hemp has improved their health in many ways.

It is not just among hemp users that the benefits of this popular plant have become an interest. Research into hemp and how to use it to improve a person’s health have become a popular area of study, leading to a rise in the number of people using these products.

A growing number of brands are dedicated to wellness products, like Premium Jane, which makes it much easier for people to try hemp-based supplements for the first time. The critical question for many people considering cannabis supplements is whether they really live up to the hype and, if so, exactly how they can benefit a person’s health.

Here are 7 of the benefits of making hemp supplements a regular part of a person’s diet.

#1 – Improved Sleep

There has been some evidence to suggest that hemp based products can improve the quality of sleep. A study in 2019 found that after a month of taking cannabis supplements, many participants reported a better sleep score than at the start of the study.

In the study’s conclusion, researchers drew attention to the fact that they didn’t entirely know why CBD helped the participants to sleep. It remains unclear whether hemp directly affects the quality of sleep or whether it affects other conditions, such as anxiety, which can impact sleep.

#2 – Reduced Anxiety

It is believed that using this type of supplements and products such as hemp oils can help the user to manage the symptoms of chronic anxiety. Some people have reported that when they use these products regularly, they find that the signs of anxiety are reduced. In some cases, the symptoms may not occur at all.

As there are thought to be very few side effects from using cannabis extracts regularly, they may be recommended for those searching for a natural way to reduce anxiety. Hemp products can also be used on one-off occasions to suppress anxiety and stress.

#3 – Natural Pain Reliever

One of the most common uses of these popular products is as a natural pain reliever. The way in which the cannabinoids within hemp plants interact with pain receptors in the brain is a popular area of research.

Early studies have shown that cannabinoids within hemp plants interact with two key pain receptors in the body, CB1, and CB2, helping to suppress pain. Hemp compounds can also ensure that the body is physically responding to pain in a suitable way and not causing further damage.

#4 – Anti-Inflammatory

The cannabinoids within hemp plants are also known to have natural anti-inflammatory properties. There are many ways in which the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can be used to improve health, including the management of arthritis and the potential to slow the progression of dementia.

#5 – Healthier Looking Skin

These famous, and in some countries illegal plants are rich in essential nutrients that the skin can use to stay looking and feeling healthy. Adding hemp oils or hemp extract to a healthy diet can be a simple yet effective way of improving the skin’s appearance.

Hemp is being increasingly used in skincare products such as face creams and balms, making it super easy to work into a regular beauty routine. Some people find that hemp-based products can also prevent skin blemishes and irritations, which further improve the skin’s look and health.

#6 – Immune Support

Cannabis supplements can also be used by those who aren’t looking to treat a particular health issue. The body naturally produces cannabinoids that work to regulate everything from mood to the body’s immune response.

CBD oils provide the body with additional cannabinoids which support those that occur naturally. Boosting the level of cannabinoids within the body helps to ensure that various bodily functions can be carried out effectively.

#7 – Faster Recovery

These products can help to promote faster recovery within the body – one of the main reasons that many athletes are starting to introduce hemp into their diet. Cannabis oils and extracts support the body’s defenses and the body’s ability to heal after injuries.

As hemp can act as a natural pain reducer and anti-inflammatory, it can prevent the body from becoming distracted and wasting resources that could otherwise go toward a faster recovery. Hemp extract creams and topical oils can be especially useful when dealing with surface-level injuries and muscular pain.