What are the Best Family Cars on the Market?


For many people out there having a safe and comfortable family car is near the top of the priority list. People want a car that is safe, affordable, and comfortable. 

In today’s competitive market, you are spoilt for choice as every car manufacturer under the sun realises the immense value this type of vehicle brings to their offering. 

If you are in the market for an affordable beautiful family car to get you and the troop from A to B, then why not consider leasing a car from Lease Loco?

Check out our list of brilliant choices below…

The wonderful Skoda Octavia

This is beauty and the beast all wrapped up into one! The car features a sharp, sleek design on the interior and exterior, utilising top-quality materials that make it both a stylish and safe choice of vehicle for any family.

What makes it a compelling purchase?

It’s an all-round winner in our books, from great pricing, tons of room for the whole family, a huge 600-litre boot, extremely useful technology features, brilliant fuel efficiency, as well as a hybrid engine to help save the planet.

It comes at a starting price of just over £22,000, which is very affordable considering all of the bells and whistles that come with the car!

It even won family car of the year in 2021, and if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

The timeless Hyundai Tucson

Who hasn’t seen a mum and all her little ones cruising along in a Hyundai? And there is a good reason for that!

The mid-size SUV is just a pleasure to drive. Some wizards in the engineering department have increased the amount of space for both rear and front seats meaning more room for your family.

A huge boot means more bags, groceries, and anything else you might need to cart. The Tucson is designed to have some impressive safety features, such as forward collision-avoidance assist, which saves lives in an accident.

At around the £30,000 mark, it’s affordable for many families, and it even has parking assistance to make those tight squeezes that much easier.

I’m off to buy one right now! How about you? 

The age-old Toyota Corolla 

The Corolla line has been serving families for what feels like generations, offering safe and comfortable transport at almost unbeatable prices.

The new model is no exception. The Corolla, like most cars, has adopted a hybrid engine making it cheaper to drive and better for the environment. 

The space inside is moderate but more than enough room for the whole family! Some great features like the onboard touch screen make Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are super simple to use, so you can keep the little ones entertained as you drive.

It comes standard with Toyota’s Safety Sense Pack, which has advanced features all geared at keeping passengers as safe as possible so you can do more laughing and singing and less worrying while you drive. 

The stylish Volkswagen ID 3

For a lot of you car hunters out there, Volkswagen is near the top of the list. They engineer beautiful cars which boast great features for the price, and let’s face it, they look amazing!

Looks aren’t everything, though, and if you need a family car, then there are some important factors to consider…

The ID 3 is all-electric, so no more fuel prices to deal with. You get just over 400km on a single charge with the 58kWh model and  540km on the 77kWh model, so you and your family can get to all the places you need to be.

If you were wondering how long a charge will take…well, how does this sound? 30min charging to take it from 10% to around 80%. That’s efficient beyond words!

With great comfort, exceptional design, many safety features to protect all passengers, and planet-saving abilities it’s easy to see why many families are choosing the Volkswagen ID 3.


Above are four of the best family cars on the market today. With safety features pouring out the windows and enough room to fit any family, it’s easy to see why these cars are very popular at the moment.

They all offer affordable prices and have different variations to suit your exact price range and needs.

Any of the above cars are a wonderful choice to cart your family around in safety and style.