What are the Key Considerations in Using Plumbers Tape?


You might have already seen that skinny white tape that comes in rolls? It is what you call a plumber’s tape. It is also called a Teflon tape.  

What is the Use of a Plumber’s Tape? 

A plumbers tape helps seal threaded pipe joints. It stops leaks during the assembly on threaded pipe joints. It likewise helps lubricate the connection. This makes the threading smoother. The result is that it helps prevent pipes from sticking out. Once it reaches the proper amount of torque, the plumber’s tape creates a seal to stop water leaks.


Where Can You Use Plumbers Tape? 

You can use plumbing tape on any type of threaded metal pipes. It is not recommended for PVC pipes. For those, use cement on the thread to make a seal. 

Meanwhile, plumber’s tape is best for iron pipes. It can also be used on metal piping like copper. Plumber’s tape can be very useful for showerheads and taps.

Plumber’s tape is not good for use in gas pipes. A yellow type of plumber’s tape is for use in gas pipes. 

How Do You Use a Plumber’s Tape?

When you use the tape to seal threads, wrap it in a clockwise direction. To further explain, you need to wrap the tape in the same direction where the feminine fitting turns.

To do this, you have to hold the pipe using your left hand. If it is a mounted pipe, you can also have the pipe to your left side. Put the tape on the threads. Then run the tape around the threads over the top of the pipe

Why is this method done? The purpose is to keep the tape tight. It also ensures it fills the valleys of the thread. Check the way you use the plumber’s tape. Make sure it fits properly. 

How many times should you wrap the plumber’s tape? 

The number of times you have to wrap the plumbers tape depends on the density of the tape. In some cases, wrapping two to three times is enough.  If you have a thicker (4mil) density, two to three wraps should be adequate. But if you use a 2 mil or less density tape, you may have to wrap at least six times. 

Many professional plumbers recommend 4 to 6 wraps around the threads. This is to ensure the right density needed. 

Wrapping it for about six times may seem to be a lot.  The tape density compresses into the thread once the components come together.  It becomes a robust seal. You have to use force to tighten the fitting. This will give you a better seal. 

 What Do You Do after Wrapping? 

You have to make sure that the tape wrap is tight enough. The manner of wrapping should adhere to the shape of the threads. 

Upon connecting the two sides of the pipe, ensure that there is no overlapping on the open end of the pipe.  Also, when you attach the two sides of the pipe, make sure that no tape has overlapped on the open end of the pipe.

What Size of Plumber’s Tape Should You Use? 

Plumber’s tape has different sizes. Most jobs need using the half-inch tape. That can be wide enough for use in long pipes. But, it may be small for some jobs.

May professional plumbers usually have a half-inch tape. This is because this size is the most common and most versatile one. 


Once you unwind the tape, pull it to snap it from the roll. You have to be careful in fraying. Why? Because some cheaper tapes easily fray. They then become useless in sealing the joints.

Frayed tape doesn’t fill the threads properly. It can also make it difficult to screw on the female component.  

What are the Considerations in Choosing the Right Plumber’s Tape? 

In choosing the right plumber’s tape, choose a brand that has a decent reputation. Be careful in buying the cheapest tape you will see. It might not likely serve its purpose. Worse, you might end up buying a new one. This will cost you even more having to buy twice. 

Try researching more about the right plumbers tape to buy. To be sure you can also ask professional plumbers on the right product to buy. 

Where can you Source a Credible Plumber? 

Like finding a quality plumber’ tape is finding a credible plumber. You have to search for a plumber that can do the work right in the first place. Also, avoid getting any plumber. Check their background and experience.

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