What Are the Top Car Maintenance Fails in the UK?


Every motorist should know basic maintenance and how to look after their car. You do not have to be a qualified mechanic, but when you know how to look after your car you can keep it in the best condition and could even prevent costly issues from arising. Despite this, a recent study showed that many British motorists had no clue when it comes to basic car maintenance.

A Recent Study

Jardine Motors carried out a study which involved asking 1,000 British motorists questions based on the “show me, tell me” elements of the practical driving test and this resulted in some surprising statistics and revealed that many motorists would not pass their test again if they had to take it.

Common Fails

The most common fail from the test was knowing how to identify the correct warning light if there was an issue with the anti-lock brakes with as many as 80% failing to answer correctly. This was followed by 64% admitting that they did not know how to check the battery and 63% not knowing how to check the brake fluid. On top of this, 61% did not know how to check the brakes while 58% could not change a flat tyre.

Worrying Findings

These are the key findings from the study and reveal some worrying statistics. Every motorist needs to know how to perform basic maintenance for their vehicle and this is for a few different reasons. When you know how to look after your car, you can keep it in the best possible condition and hopefully prevent issues that could leave you stranded on the side of the road and in need of expensive repairs. 


Not only this, but car maintenance can also ensure that the car is safe to drive and protect both you and other road users. Safety needs to be a priority when it comes to driving and this should involve looking after your car in addition to driving safely. On top of all this, basic maintenance can also help to extend the life of your vehicle which could end up saving you a huge amount of money and stop you from having to buy a new car.


Basic car maintenance can be easy to teach yourself and as established, much of what is taught on the practical driving test has been forgotten but should be easy enough to brush up on and this is something that every motorist should do if they are not confident in how their car works.

The study from Jardine Motors revealed an interesting insight into Britain’s drivers and their lack of basic car maintenance. This is not just concerning for the motorist and could result in costly repairs, but it could even be endangering other road users so it is something that should be addressed.