What Are The Trends In Contemporary Bathroom Shower Enclosure Designs?


Most families in the modern 21st century have changed their preferences of housing to being attracted to more contemporary designs. The change of preference from the traditional designs to contemporary ones has been due to the improvement of technology and production methods.  Families can now comfortably design their own houses in their homes using software. However, it is recommended that the input of professionals in the design and construction of houses should be sought after. It is a trend that helps to eliminate any occurrence of an error during the construction process.


Despite there being many contemporary designs of how a contemporary house should look like, most people still find it challenging to identify the designs that would best suit them.  Ideally, individuals would often find themselves seeking the input of consultants so that they can select the best designs for their houses. Bathroom designs have changed dramatically over the past few decades. They are no longer considered to be spaces of showering but have been hanged to places where individuals can engage in other functions. The changing functionality of bathrooms today has made homeowners to push interior designers to the limits. Interior designers have been numerously consulted by families in the creation of contemporary bathroom spaces.

The designs of modern bathrooms are dependent on some things that are determined by the homeowners. The homeowners, however, have to coordinate with the interior designers so that they can create bathroom spaces that suit the needs. There are those that desire to have enclosed bathroom spaces, bathroom with glass doors or frameless bathroom enclosures. The design is entirely dependent on the preferences of the homeowners and the recommendations of the interior designers. Despite there being a lot of contemporary bathroom designs in modern houses, there are still homeowners who prefer to have a traditional touch blended with contemporary styles. Some of them, when completed by professional interior designers, may be conspicuous and amazing for the homeowners. However, before deciding on the most appropriate design to be incorporated in contemporary bathrooms, there is a need to conduct further research and survey of the existing designs from other homeowners.

Should you choose modern or traditional shower enclosures?

One of the common trends in the contemporary bathroom designs in the 21st century is the inclusion of the shower enclosures. Most of the traditional bathrooms did not utilize shower enclosures. Ideally, they were just rooms that were fitted with shower heads, and if lucky enough there were bathtubs where one could spend more time taking a cold or warm bath. The choice of the shower enclosure to be used is dependent on many factors which may include but not limited to, the prices of the materials needed in the market, the durability of the elements, the cost of the designs and the materials and also the preference and of the homeowners. Most homeowners prefer having glass shower enclosures. They have been a common trend in the construction of luxurious shower spaces.

Before deciding on the type of shower enclosure one is to install in their bathrooms, they are required to explore factors such as the available space, materials and the budget set aside for that. However, some homeowners are willing to break the bank to have a bathroom that contains modern designs that are attractive and impressive. They have not only installed shower enclosures but also other accessories such as spas. Spas have been known to keep people for long hours within the bathrooms. However, they are used alternatively with the showers and putting them in the same room requires enough room.   

The accessories used in decorating a bathroom can also be used to determine the type, shape, and color of the materials used in the design and creation of the shower enclosures. Modern families prefer using glass as the most common type of materials to set up shower enclosures. There are many advantages that are associated with the use of glass in the setting up shower enclosures in contemporary house designs.

Factors To Consider When Installing Shower Enclosures

The great thing about decorating your own home in the 21st century is that you do not need guidebooks. Ideally, a homeowner only requires an eye for detail so that they can select the materials and designs that best suit their tastes. However, there are fundamental elements that homeowners have to consider in the installation of the shower enclosures within their bathrooms to make them outstanding.

Consider Your Surroundings

Considering the surrounding of the bathroom is an essential thing that every homeowner ought to do before deciding on the type of shower enclosure to install. The color of the materials of the wall should be considered first. The shower enclosures should blend well with the immediate surrounding. However, many homeowners are unable to make choices about the type of colors to use for their shower enclosures. Therefore, they opt only to install the glass shower enclosures which are easy to blend with any surroundings within the bathroom.

Mind The Accessories

Modern contemporary bathrooms are commonly accessorized to make them more appealing to their users. Having a well-accessorized bathroom gives a positive touch to the bathroom in the long run. It is a requirement by most interior designers that there should be a positive blend between the accessories and the shower enclosures within a bathroom. For instance, it would be better to have lighting that complements the room. In such an environment the users are more comfortable while using it. Mistakes about clashing the accessories and the shower enclosures can be avoided by conducting adequate research before omitting to install an enclosure in a particular bathroom.

Common Types Of Shower Enclosure That Are Used In Contemporary Bathrooms

The glass is identified as the main material used in the design and installation of the shower enclosures. However, the models could vary depending on the available space and the requirements of the homeowners. The introduction of the frameless shower enclosures has seen many investors and homeowners transform the traditional bathrooms to the contemporary ones. The frameless shower enclosures are together with other accessories such as spas and bathtubs. There are however special requirements that should be observed by the interior designers and the homeowners. The following are design ideas of the frameless shower enclosures that can be installed in the contemporary homes in the 21st century.

Corner Frameless Shower Enclosures

The corner frameless shower enclosures are installed in houses that have strained spaces. The corner showers just like the name suggests are placed in the corners of the bathroom. The interior designer has to decide on the most appropriate corner to install the corner frameless shower enclosures. The decision is dependent on such factors as the objects present in the room, the orientation of the room and the preferences of the homeowner. Ideally, the Showers have to b placed in a way that promotes saving of space in the bathroom. When there is not enough space, the interior designer and the homeowner have to come to a consensus on designing the most appropriate modern corner shower enclosure. Most of the frameless corner enclosures have sliding doors so that there is little space needed for it. Sliding doors do not need much space making them most appropriate for smaller spaces.

The Dual Function Bath-Shower Mix

This form of the frameless enclosure has taken over the modern construction in many parts of the world. The set includes a combination of a bathtub and a shower together in one space. The shower and the bathtub are combined such that when the user is in the bathtub, they can still use the shower. The enclosures for this type of shower are glass which is raised closer to the ceiling compared to other types. As such, it is essential for the interior designers to ensure that the ceiling is high enough for easy installation. The doors of the shower are mostly sliding, and they help to reduce the movement of the opening. It is worth noting that this idea is recommended for individuals who live in a confined place and they do not have enough room to install a larger shower enclosure.

The Double Entry Shower Enclosure

The double entry model is a type of frameless shower enclosure that consists of a double entry glass door. It is essential for individuals who need to save space within the bathroom or their house. The bathroom design is an upgrade from the traditional single entry shower design where a user could only open the door in one side. The frameless shower enclosure is easy to install and does not take up much space. It can be installed in guest bathrooms that do not have enough spaces to install larger enclosures. The installation, however, has to consider the orientation and the size of the room. The interior designer and the owner of the house have to agree on the most appropriate location to install the enclosure so that there is no use of too much space in the long run.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Frameless Shower Enclosures In Contemporary Bathroom Designs?

Frameless Shower Doors Can Be Customized

This is the essential feature of frameless shower enclosures. Most of the enclosures are not mass produced at standardized sizes. This means that users who have frameless shower enclosures can customize them as they wish. They can change them to different designs with the help of interior designers. It has become a favorite among many people due to this feature of easy customizability. Additionally, it is a primary reason why many leading interior design companies recommend that modern bathrooms should be installed with the frameless bathroom enclosures to provide room for future customization if required.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors Look Better

The aesthetic of a bathroom helps in creating a comfortable environment for users. Also, a good aesthetic helps in blending well with other elements within the room. This is a reason why many people in modern society opt to install frameless shower enclosures so that they can look better. Comparing the frameless enclosures to the traditional doors which were rapped with seals of rubber or metal, the modern glass doors look much better. The two are not comparable, and the frameless enclosures remain unbeaten.

Frameless Shower Doors Minimize Mold Risks

Frameless enclosures and doors in showers are the easiest to clean. Compared to the complete door enclosure, they do not have the risky areas where water can collect and contribute to the formation of molds and mildew. Having glass doors installed in the frameless enclosures enables the users to easily clean and maintain the surfaces. It is common practice that the homeowners in houses that have bathrooms with frameless fixed shower doors are a t a lower risk of being subjected to infections that are caused by molds or another fungus.

Reasons Against Installing Frameless Shower Enclosures In Contemporary Bathroom Designs

There have been many reasons before cited why installing the frameless bathroom enclosures should not be encouraged. One of the primary reasons given is that the glass of the enclosures is subject to shattering. The shattered glass may pose a great danger to the users of the bathroom. This is the primary reason why the glass used in the installation of frameless glass bathroom enclosures to be thick enough to avoid shock.  Shattering thick glass would require a lot of force which is not easily exerted by the users. However, in case of accidents, it is easy to shatter as it may snap from its joints to the floor.

Ultimately, embracing the contemporary bathroom designs of having frameless bathroom enclosures has been a trend of the 21st century. The ease of installation and the customizability of the enclosures make them popular among many young homeowners. Also, the enclosures bring more elegance to the bathroom and the house in general.  The future of construction will completely embrace further developments in the use of frameless glass designs not only in bathrooms but also in other areas of the house.