What Can Be Made From Hot Rolled Coil Steel?


The hot rolled steel strip of general purpose belongs to simple high-quality metal rolling. Hot-rolled steel strip from 2 m to 6 m is made of high quality carbon and alloyed steel. The strip is a sheet of rectangular shape of a certain length. Visually, it looks like a flat sheet having a rectangular cross-section. There are no cavities inside this cross section. It can be supplied in rolls and sheets as agreed by the manufacturer and the customer. The production of the strip is carried out on strip mills, after which it is subjected to cutting of the required length or rolled. 


Hot rolled coil steel must comply with the following parameters:

thickness: from 4 to 60 mm;

width: from 11 to 200 mm.

Also, hot rolled coil steel is produced in different lengths, depending on which metal was used in the hot rolling process. These may be the following values:

  • from 2 to 12 mm for rolled carbon (standard quality) and low alloyed steel;
  • from 2 to 6 m for rolled carbon and alloyed steel.

In order to make it easier to distinguish the range of hot-rolled steel, conventionally it’s divided into 4 types:

  1. Usual. It has a common purpose.
  2. Tool containing at least 0.7% carbon steel. Applicable in the manufacture of tools.
  3. Galvanized. Narrow and long strip with a small zinc layer on the surfaces.
  4. Constructional. This type is used for the manufacture of mechanisms and structures of various types. It has great weight and high strength. A distinctive feature is its lifetime, which is very long. Particularly widespread in construction for the production of the frame in the construction of walls and roofs.

Purpose and application

The steel strip is distinguished by the fact that it is very convenient to process it on special bending mills. Thanks to this, it is possible to observe how various products with an unusual shape decorate gates, fences, window grilles and other structures. A high-quality metal is widely used in the manufacture of springs in the automotive industry. The quality of this metal allows you to use it for the manufacture of various metal structures, original corners and channels, cutting tools, as well as springs. Such an extensive use of hot-rolled strip is very justified, because it can be quickly coated with special compounds for metals, which prevent the negative effects of corrosion. Hot rolled coil steel is used by large enterprises for the production of welded pipes. Such products are distinguished by excellent operational qualities, so that they are actively used in various fields:

  • The construction of durable and quality supporting structures. And also as an independent material or in combination with powerful beams.
  • Production of special embedded parts at large-scale factories and large construction sites.
  • Professional erection of various structures and structures of high-quality metal.

Often hot-rolled steel is covered with zinc. It acquires additional anti-corrosion properties, so that can be used in almost all industries. The galvanized coil is often used in the food industry, for interior decoration of workshops, as it does not corrode.

The scope of use of galvanized coil steel is varied. It is also used to provide a lightning protection system for various buildings and structures. In most cases, grounding is a closed ring around the perimeter of the entire building, the depth of the ring contour is 0.5 m. Due to underground laying, high-quality galvanized steel should act as the material of the products, the strip in this case will have a longer service life.