What Can I Make with My CNC Machine?


You’ve been reading bout CNC machines and now you want to know more about them? That’s great, because we’re going to have a look at what you can do with a CNC router! Before we do, let’s talk about what a CNC machine is, and why it might just be the best thing you ever buy!

What Is a CNC Machine?

In this article we are talking about CNC routers, those for use in the home, so a bit of background is needed. CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’. CNC machines are used in industry to produce a wide variety of items that need to be precision cut. They use a series of cutters and blades, and are very versatile and extremely useful machines.

The home-use CNC router operates in a similar fashion, but is used for smaller domestic projects. We’ll talk about what you can make in moment, after we’ve looked at the process you need to go through. Put simply, you’ll need a computer aided design (CAD) package on your computer. These are commonplace and easy to use once you have a little practice. You can either design a product yourself, or upload a picture to the CAD.

The next step involves converting the picture into ‘vectors’. Put simply, this means putting it in the language the CNC machine understands. This is done by links between the computer, and the CNC router. You will also need to choose the type of bit you want it to cut with, tell it the material you are using, and other basic parameters – and then the magic starts! Once set up as per the instructions, you press go, and it starts cutting out your design. You can read more about the process involved and look at details of some machines at sharpen-up.com’s cnc machine router reviews which are worth checking out.

What To Make

Most home CNC routers will be used to cut items out of wood. The thickness of the wood can vary, and you can make a variety of objects. Some routers also cut plastic and metal. Let’s assume you’re using a wood CNC, what can you make? It could be said the possibilities are endless, so here’s a few ideas: you could make decorative plates for the dinner table, or cut out picture frames. A CNC machine can also be used to make furniture, by cutting the various parts for piecing together. What about building a dolls house from plans, or even creating your own musical instrument

The simple fact is there are many CNC designs available to download – some are even free – so you should be able to find something that appeals. We found plans for children’s toys and puzzles, office accessories, equipment for artists and more.

When you get into metal CNC – in this case it’s known as a milling machine – there is even further scope, with plans available for a wide variety of items ranging from the fun to the practical, such as executive toys like a spinning top or yo-yo, to cutlery and similar. What we do know is that once you get going with your CNC machine, you will be eager to learn more complex designs.

These clever machines are set to become very popular in the home, and if you are into DIY, think of the mouldings you could make in no time at all – and each one the same to the exact precise measurements. Have a closer look at CNC machines now and see just how affordable it is to start enjoying making your own stuff!