What Can You Do With an English Major?


English is one of the popular choices for major for advanced degrees. History tells us that many people also preferred it in the past. The modern world’s requirements are entirely different from previous years. Today, communication has become one of the vital skills to achieve success. When people study English as a major, they become more articulate. It enables them to communicate precisely, which has become necessary. Not only do they become well-spoken, they learn to use technology for effective written communication. Their negotiation skills help companies forge better connections, boost sales and put their organizations ahead of their competitors. Students with an English major also develop competency analysis, which is essential to read between the lines, be sensitive toward people’s reactions, and think creatively. They bring unique ideas to the table and devise innovative strategies that help their organizations in improving efficiency. English as a major helps people adopt an out-of-the-box approach, making them valuable team members. 

Most people holding English major degrees are avid readers; thus, their knowledge is vast. They can view things from different perspectives. The world has become digitalized, and experts say that it will see further progress in this area. Many people doubt if studying English as a major instead of pursuing a technical degree will be worthwhile. People need to be technically smart to succeed in today’s time; several soft skills are also vital for success. An English major helps students acquire those qualities. Today, students and professionals interested in English can enroll in programs like BA English online and pursue their degrees. Online learning allows professionals to complete this degree while continuing their current job. 

The following are some career paths that you can follow with an English major:

  1. School Teacher

Teachers are lifelong learners, and their job helps them in retaining knowledge. Being a high school teacher enhances people’s experiences as they learn from students’ questions. Their exposure increases when they further dig into the subject to prepare lectures and design assessments. Many school teachers opt for teaching as they enjoy spreading knowledge, and the education field seems appropriate.

Moreover, with around a 6 % growth rate annually, teaching is a steady profession. Many states require people to do certification courses and prepare for a license; a major in English gives a strong base to secure a job as a school teacher.

  1. Freelance Writer/Editor

Content is the king in the modern world. Many industries require people who can produce original content as per their needs. English is the most spoken language globally. Naturally, organizations need more content creators in English than any other language. English as a major builds a strong foundation for writing skills and enhances people’s creative thinking skills. Freelancing is getting immense momentum as it saves people from commute costs and offers other benefits. Apart from being an author with major English, people can become freelance content writers or editors. Freelancing gives freedom of setting own schedules, and it allows people to earn considerably well.

  1. Public Relations Manager

Pubic relations managers need a plethora of soft skills to spread companies’ positive image and improve their marketing. Information travels faster than light in the modern age. When organizations’ negative image takes the limelight, PR managers step in and use their skills to rectify the harm. PR managers need to be effective communicators and understand the use of appropriate words, tone, and expression. English degree holders possess such skills and can shape up the public image of companies. PR managers draw a substantial salary against their services. 

  1. Journalist

News has always been people’s favorite subject, and people from all walks of life take an interest in it. As a result of digital transformation, many news channels and agencies have popped up in recent years, raising the demand for news editors and journalists. Journalists need to research and write on different niches and present the real facts in front of audiences. They report on sports, arts, political, national, and international events and cover entertainment and other human-interest stories. English major polishes several skills, and with an additional journalism degree, people can work in their preferred field of journalism. 

  1. Translator

The world has become a global village. Many companies aim to expand their reach and establish their name in international markets. Often, they need to communicate in English, and language barriers create confusion and give room to misunderstanding. People who are fluent in another language and have acquired a degree in English can provide their services as interpreters and translators. Many business terms need contextual translations, as word-to-word translation often loses the essence of the text. People with an English major have command over language, use good vocabulary, and are proficient enough to interpret precisely and make listeners understand the clear and original message. 

  1. Social Media Manager

The rise in the use of social media has brought forward different careers. Social networks have become popular platforms to run people’s businesses. Social media managers need to post as per the target audiences’ patterns and the latest ongoing trends. Sometimes they need to produce long textual content. At others, they need to present important information in pointers as infographics. Social media managers need to develop captions that hit the audiences and evoke desired reactions from them. They prepare proposals for staff members to draw consensus and explain their ideas. Social media managers often address customers’ concerns, solve their issues, and slight errors from their end can damage brands’ reputations. English degree holders’ critical reading and writing skills help social media managers choose appropriate words and manage customer relations. Social media managers take handsome salaries against their services and further increase them when their efforts result in enhanced sales. 


The selection of majors for higher degrees puts students under stress. They realize that it is often the determining factor for their future career. English as a major is a versatile program and teaches students diverse skills, much needed for the modern world. Students become effective communicators, which is an essential quality to succeed. It broadens their horizons, and they learn to contribute significantly to society. English as a discipline is a vast subject and offers students various courses; students can choose one per their preference and make a career in multiple fields.