What do the buys dislike about the a girl


There are situations and times when we wonder what the other people think about us. It is especially uncomfortable when a person we like is in question. You wonder whether they like you or not. You might even think you are doing something that looks ridiculous in his eyes. Therefore it is of crucial importance to know at least the basic things the guys dislike about the girls. Of course, the truth varies from a person to a person, but most likely than not you will always be on the safer side if you know the basic rules.

Too much make up

Looking beautiful and putting some make-up is fine. What most of the guys dislike is when a girl crosses the limit. They actually hate the extensive usage of make-up. First of all it does not look natural. Secondly, if they have to take a shower just after a single kiss in order to remove all your make-up from his face, they will think about it twice. The lipstick looks nice as well, however if they want to kiss a girl but she has some lip-stick on, this gives them a red light asap. Therefore if you want to play on the safer side, use light make-up always. That’s what shows the guy you do care about yourself, however you don’t have the urge to cover all your face with chemicals.


When you dance very bad

You can be the most beautiful girl in the entire world. However, if you don’t like your moves when you are out in a bar or in a night club, it’s a big no no. If you don’t have a good rhythm or if you dance funny they will most likely lose interest. It is a small yet important sign for them. Next time you make sure you dance well.


Not being ambitious

The guys tend to dislike girls who have no ambitions or barely an interest in anything. The reason is that they always seem bored and expect someone else to make them feel happy and entertain them. They pretend they are OK with everything. It’s like they lack interest and a personal  opinion. What they like is when a girl knows what she likes and goes for it no matter what. It’s attracting for them when you have dreams and you follow them.


The type of music they like

The chances are they will like you batter if you like the same type of music. What they especially dislike is when a girl says she likes a music they barely play. The guys consider this as something important because they want to be compatible with you. For them having the same taste of music means you have somewhat similar interests, therefore you will get on very well. Sometimes the differences are more attractive, however it is not the case when the music is in question. It’s like a small trick telling them whether you can be “the one”.