What Do You Need To Know About Online USPS Change Of Address?


The more thinking of Moving gives considerable stress to every individual as it involves hectic work of packing and transporting all the valuable household items safely to your new place. As a relocating person, to ensure you get all your mails, utility bills and magazine subscriptions to your new place, address change with United States Postal Service (USPS) is necessary.


A post office is one place that you need to visit to change your address before moving to your newer location unless you take an easier option of doing this job online.  You may have to spend around 30minutes time waiting in the lines at your post office for the address change process along with the traveling time to reach post office from your residence.

Simple Ways To Compete The Process

Us-mailing-change-of-address.com offers an easy and streamlined process to submit an online application of change of address with USPS, thereby facilitating you to spend your valuable time and energy for important works.

By applying the change of address through online mode, you can save precious time and effort that you may like to spend in important things of catching up with your family relative or old friends before leaving to your new location

Your cumbersome visit to the post office for the sole purpose of changing your address is unnecessary, as you can simply get the job easily through online.

Professional Services

Professional third party agents can simplify and facilitate your USPS change of address requests by providing the necessary resources to make your relocation seamless and stress-free. Filling government paperwork can be hectic, and this can be completely avoided by taking the assistance of third-party agents to provide clear guidance on filling other cumbersome government paperwork. At an affordable rate, these agents provide a plethora of services such as USPS filing, handling, mail forwards and other value-added services that you cannot enjoy by direct filing with USPS.


Online USPS address change filing is a simple process, wherein you don’t need to complete separate forms for each member of the family if all of the members have the common last name. The change of address filling for the entire family can be done in a few minutes with relative ease.

Quick And Easy Process

Once you complete your change of address filling, you’ll receive a confirmation email at immediate instance stating that the address change request has been submitted.  Upon submittal of the address change request with the USPS, it may take 72 hours for the request application to appear in the USPS system. You will also receive an official confirmation from the USPS in 2-3 days after your submission. Thus the process is fast and secure that facilitates you by saving your gas and precious time that otherwise you would have been wasted by waiting in line at the post office.

Value-Added Services

Online USPS change of address filing also comes added benefits such as instant savings coupons, unlimited USPS change of address requests within 90 days,24/7 customer support and  free online movers guide