What does it mean if you constantly see butterflies


The butterfly is a symbol of self-confidence. If you have noticed that you lately see that beautiful creatures way too often, you are on a good way. They have a hidden message for you. They don’t appear just like that. This amazing creatures are meant to point you something. Most likely than not, good changes are coming your way. The chances are it is high time you received an accomplishment for all your effort in the past. It means you have done enough and you are supposed to wait now. It is time for changes.


If this is the case with you, check what do the butterflies try to teach you. They want you to see something:

Productive and positive changes

The butterfly is the final form of its family insects. From an egg to a caterpillar. From a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Colorful and pleasant for the eyes. The life of this beautiful insect is nothing but a spectrum and a chain of phases. This is an excellent example of metamorphosis, evolution and changes. Each time they have to face changes is because they are about to get closer to their best version.

Therefore when we see butterfly in any of its forms this might tell you that changes in your life are about to happen. It can also mean a personal growth. What you have to do is to follow your path and believe in your abilities.



The butterflies are careless and free. They fly from one flower to another. That’s how they feed and that way they spread the pollen all around. They have went through difficult vibration changes. It takes them time and effort to accept all kind of challenges and difficulties before they become what they were meant to become. It teaches us that it takes us persistence, faith, effort, will and time before we see results. That’s how we reach careless life.



There are plenty of different butterflies all around the world. They differ one from another quite a lot. However, they are all famous for their spectacular spectrum of colors. Outstanding shades, interesting designs and massive wings is what they are characterized by. On the other hand, their beauty is not only to be recognized one by another. Nor to be mixed and confused with the colorful flowers they life with. Some of them use their colors in order to scare the predators away. They think that the butterflies might be poisonous, therefore do not even dare to touch them. That’s how this intelligent insects protect themselves from the evil.


So, be happy if it is the case with you. Be thankful in advance for the changes that are about to show up in your life. Be confident, stay focused and have faith. That’s how you know you are closer to your goal and will win eventually. The persistence is the key. Do not get stressed nor obsessed about anything. Follow your instincts, believe in yourself and be prepared for miracles.