What does the British culture teach the world


The British culture is quite surprising for the foreigners. Even though the majority of the non-British consider them to be a cold nation, there is so much to be learned from them. They actually has a lots of qualities that the rest of the world should learn from. If you are one of the people who have had prejudices about the British people, consider the following facts. They will probe you wrong, even make you love them and appreciate them.


In addition, the difference in culture is what makes the diversity, therefore the beauty in the world.

Attitude towards the cold weather

The British do not use such warm winter clothes. They actually wear thin pieces of clothes even in the worst winter days. That’s especially the case with the parts of Britain where the winter temperatures are not so low. The parents are not obsessed with warm and fluffy pieces of clothes for their children. Moreover in the Royal family the kids tend to wear shorts at any time of the year. This doesn’t affect their health at all. In Newcastle, for example, the girls love the combination of sandals and mini dresses with snow.

Fish and chips

If you haven’t heard about fish and chips plate you know nothing about Britain. That’s their favorite fast food combo. It might not be the perfect and wisest choice, however they love it! In addition, if you have to choose between a burger and a plate of fish and chips, you already know what’s a wiser choice.


Another thing what Britain is famous for is the tea. They are a nation that adores tea. Moreover, the every day consumption of tea has a lots of benefits. That’s something good to adopt from them.

Love towards animals and nature

In Britain the animals are equally treated like the kids. They are loved, they look after them, take care of them, they feed them even if they don’t pet them. The British people spend a fortune on feeding and taking care about the animals. There barely exists homeless cat and dog. That’s thanks to their tradition, as well as the organizations what’s job is to save the animals. They are nature lovers as well. The national parks, the trees, the flowers all around and every piece of land is so perfectly clean. That’s how they show respect and love towards the planet.

Waiting in line

You don’t have to care if someone will skip the line and go to the counter window to be attended before you. They respect the order. Actually they find it rude and surprising if you do it. It doesn’t matter if you are in a bank, in a hospital or waiting for a bus. Your turn is your turn and everyone respects it.

Culture, calm and patience

The British are known as calm people. They don’t overreact nor make a drama in almost any situation. It’s all about the culture, the education and the manners. They are polite even when you don’t know them. On the other hand if they do know the other person and get asked a simple “how are you” they don’t give a twenty minute explanation. It seems like they don’t like sharing too much details about their private life. In addition, they respect the other person’s time and in order to save some, they just reply a single “I’m fine.”