What does the generosity do to the humanity


By giving you receive, they say. Whoever gives, he gives because he has. That’s where the famous quote “If you give a lot it’s because you yourself are a lot. No one gives what he doesn’t have” comes from. Being generous is one of the most beautiful human trait one can have. In most of the cases it is something you are taught at home or you copy it from your parents. That’s what makes the people be different later on.

While one part of the humanity believes that the more they keep for themselves is the way to save it, the other part disagrees with their theory. They, on the other hand, consider that the more you share whatever you have with the others, the more you will receive later. Its like a prize for your generosity. They do believe that God looks his good acts.


But what does the generosity do to the humanity? How everything pays of?

It makes you a happier person

The people who share tend to be more positive and happier. They actually give because the act of giving brings joy and pleasure to them. They know that maybe this means so little to them, however, it might mean the whole world to someone. Some of them have even experienced the situation of “not having” on their own skin. Just because they remember such times they don’t want anyone else to feel that exact way, therefore try to land a hand.

It reduces the stress

That’s another advantage of being generous. Just because that simple act of giving makes you a happier person, it reduces the stress. By lifting others you lift yourself. What you do to the others comes back to you in some form of karma or dharma. It’s up to you what would you like to experience back. Well, just because some people decide to spread generosity around, one of the gifts they receive back is the relief of stress. That’s how by giving you receive.

It teaches us how to be thankful

Being thankful is one of the most beautiful trait a person can have. If you are thankful it means you appreciate what you have, therefore by law you receive more of the same. It makes you don’t take anything for granted but rather enjoy it until it’s there, even make the others don’t feel the lack of it. To sum up, it makes you be the best version of yourself and appreciate life at its best.

It makes you build new connections with the other people

By giving you somehow become connected with that person. Even though sometimes it happens to never see that person again, however the simple act of giving makes you eternally connected. Maybe you have made their day without even knowing it. Maybe you are the only person that shares something with them. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be something materialistic. It can, just as well, be a smile or a kind word, but it means a lot. Especially to people who are in need of it.