What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?


Whenever you walk in to a room in somebody else’s house for the first time you instantly begin to judge your surroundings. It’s not a bad thing, it’s natural, you start to think about the design, what you would do differently and so on. When designing your own home, it’s not always clear to you that you’re actually showing off your personality and characteristics through the choices you make, but you are. With every choice you make from colour, theme, style you are putting your personal stamp on the room and from that moment everyone who enters that room will see a reflection of your personality through the décor.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, as well as one room that requires that extra effort when it comes to the design. It’s so important to get the style of your kitchen right and make sure it suits you and your desires. There are a few different types of kitchen décor and they each highlight specific elements in a person’s character and personality. You can always tell a lot about someone’s style and character when you enter their home and it’s an instant reaction to start observing everything and creating your own opinion. When designing your own home, it’s not always obvious that you’re choosing specific styles for specific reasons, here’s what each style of décor may say about you and your home.

Traditional Design 

Traditional décor is made up of casual, warm colours such as reds, browns and creams. There is a sense of 18th century England or France in the detailing of a traditional kitchen design, for example dark oak kitchen units and granite worktops, glass front cabinets and dark brass handles. Natural wooden flooring is also a key factor with any traditional design.  Choosing to have a traditional design emphasises pride in your living areas, not too flashy but still bold and strong. The traditional style reflects a timeless classic type feature that stands out from the rest and shows a historical flare.


When a home has contemporary design it emphasises a bold statement and style matched with sophistication. Contemporary designs are defined by tone-on-tone colours such as black on white, black on red, white on green and so on. You’ll also notice smooth surfaces, natural fabrics and clean lines. Many contemporary interiors have metallic finishing such as door handles, marble flooring etc.

A strong sense of confidence and style will come from a room with contemporary décor.


Eclectic design is something that is often overshadowed or forgotten. The idea of eclectic design is to combine different styles and ideas from many different time periods. Whilst it’s very common for eclectic designs to come across more traditional, there are many ways in which they can be defined from the other styles. If you have an eclectic theme décor in your home it tends to highlight creativity, initiative and independence.


Décor designed around a modern theme tends to be made up of clean lines, a slight use of colour and natural materials. You can find many modern kitchens to have a natural wooden flooring, understated wooden cupboards and wooden worktops, whilst adding simple colours such as reds, greens, blues etc. If your kitchen is based around a modern theme, your personality may show as retro, organised and thrifty.