What Faucets Add to Your 2016 Bathroom Design?


Space, light, and texture make your home bathroom classic and contemporary at the same time. Each is a design element valued by home buyers and the builders who serve them.


Open Space


Image Courtesy of pixabay.com


Homeowners have come to enjoy the open floor plans in modern housing. They appreciate high ceilings and ease of movement. The closeted functions of old-school baths have given way to desired comfort and multi-purpose. The tight, utilitarian, ceramic tile, and cookie-cutter rooms have given way to creative spaces where you can hurry your morning shower or languish in an evening soak at home.


Right Light

Direct, indirect, and ambient light remains functional, lighting your face, relieving your stress, and enhancing textures in your design. Windows, overhead, and mirror lighting serve most bathroom purposes. The fabrics, glass, and metals all reflect and extend the light to areas and corners you need it most. Light the shower, the make-up mirror, and the toilet areas. But, consider choosing the right light – incandescent, fluorescent, LED, and so on – for specific purposes.


Visible Texture

Simple ceramic tiles no longer dominate the designer’s inventory. Reclaimed wood and wood looks, mosaics and patterns, bold and restrained tile colors, real or engineered marbles and granites have all brought excitement to the bathroom. And, with the added space, you can add furniture and fabrics that complement and improve the comfort. According to the Huffington Post Life Handbook, bathrooms won’t “lose their more cozy, rustic charm for all-out glamour, but they will have cleaner lines and more minimalist modern vibe.”


Trending for 2016


What you are seeing in home bathroom design for 2016 is a new used of fixtures and metals. Sinks, tubs, commodes, and cabinetry are shaping up like furniture selections. Porcelain has given way to stone, glass, aluminum, and designer metals. Shapes are avant-garde or retro nouveau.

Faucets are demanding new attention and focus. They might be as unique and sleekly modern as the Caso Polished Gold Chrome – two rectangular levers create a waterfall over sink or bath. Stunningly minimalist and utilitarian, the faucet represents the foremost in elegant Italian design. (Read about the engineering and available finishes at MaestroBath.)


Image Courtesy of pixabay.com


Every bit as modern but evocative of farmhouse traditions, the Aqua Brushed Gold Luxury Bathroom Faucet (available in other finishes) is as simple as its contemporary sculpted design and still reminiscent of an antique hand pump.

The bathrooms you will see in new homes and designer portfolios this year will play on space, light, and texture. Materials, fabrics, and metals will create and improve the ambiance and experience. You’ll want to move furniture in.

A function and refuge, your “retreat” will open and close your day. It will reflect your taste and inspiration. Add touches in colorful linens, select greenery, and compatible artwork, and you’ll own the environment!