What Happens To The Outdoor Patio When Exposed Under The Sun


Patios are typical in most homes across the world. Patio furniture is best for hot weather due to the discomfort that most homeowners experience from staying indoors for too long. Aside from that, patios are great for entertaining guests during the hot days of the summer season. However, there are some things that patio owners are not aware of, especially regarding exposing their patios under the sun. 


There are various effects that exposure to sunlight will have on your patio. Irrespective of the conditions it was designed for, your patio furniture will only last as long as you make it if you expose it to extreme conditions, including sunlight. Most times, it could experience sun damage or photobleaching which is the fading away of your furniture materials color over time and is due to overexposure to sunlight.

This condition is somewhat similar to how rays from the sun can damage your skin cells if you’re in the sun for too long. Here, we have listed in detail the effects of exposing your patio under the sun; we will also talk about other methods to ensure your furniture isn’t exposed. Let’s Begin!

Effects of Sunlight Exposure on Your Patio

Various effects exposing your patio to sunlight could have on the furniture. These effects span from increased expenditure to the destruction of patio furniture and could even have other impacts unknown to you. To help you understand the need for adequately protecting your patio, we have listed some of these effects. Please read carefully; let’s get started!

  1. Discomfort

You shouldn’t expect comfort when you are seated on your pretty beat-up piece of furniture. There are several effects the exposure to sunlight has on your patio, and aside from photo degrading, one of them is the putrid smell it gives your furniture. Nobody would like to sit on a piece of smelly patio furniture, neither would you. The patio’s scent will bring discomfort to you and your guests; the smell is due to overexposure to sunlight which decomposes the furniture material. Besides the odor, your furniture will also lose its structure; in simpler words, plastic furniture will lose its structural integrity due to expansion under sunlight. Metal furniture will be too hot to use and will get slightly deformed, and wooden furniture tends to get weakened from excess sunlight. All these contribute to the discomfort exposing your furniture to sunlight will have on you and your guests.

       2.  Fading of Furniture Material

Photo degrading occurs due to the overexposure of your patio to sunlight. The only solution to combating such a problem is special coverage on your patio furniture; these coverings act as resistance to sunlight for your patio furniture. You could also employ patio coverings or large partial canopies to prevent sunlight from reaching your table at all. Fading of furniture material could distort the furniture shape and make it look attractive to you.

       3.   Extra expenses

Cleaning up or purchasing new furniture after disposing of the already degraded furniture will not be cheap. Overexposure to sunlight will harm your furniture. If not treated immediately and appropriately, it could lead to permanent damage to your patio furniture, which would only force you to purchase a new set of patio furniture.

       4.   Degradation of PVC-based Furniture

The effect of sunlight on clothes-based material is similar to that of PVC and steel-based materials. This furniture will get distorted with time and will lose its attractiveness. You wouldn’t want to use them again. 

How to Protect Your Outdoor Patio from Exposure to Sunlight

Ultraviolet rays from the sun have a tremendous effect on your furniture. However, we have listed some effective methods of protecting your furniture from any form of damage arising from overexposure to the sun. Let’s check them out. 

  • Anti-Sun Layout

When arranging or setting up your outdoor patio furniture, a great piece of advice is for you to use a layout that prevents overexposure to sunlight. You could strategically place your furniture in areas around your house where the sun barely touches or has a natural covering that reduces the sun’s amount touching your table.

  • Surface Protectors

Surface protectors are from major hardware stores and retailers in your neighborhood. They work like sunscreen and help to prevent and protect your furniture material from some light. Ensure that you follow the producer’s instructions while setting up the surface protectors.

  • Collapsible Furniture

Here, we have discussed several methods of protecting your furniture, but we can never overemphasize the use of collapsible furniture. A collapsible table is easy to set up, use and store. Although they mostly come in plastic material, they are great for outdoor patios that don’t have awnings or natural canopies to prevent sunlight. It is much easier to move your chairs and tables when the sun gets unbearable.

  • Patio Canopies & Retractable Awnings

Patio canopies and retractable awnings are great for all weather conditions. In simpler words, this serves effectively during the summer and winter seasons and will even protect your furniture from sunlight. You will get a permanent patio canopy or a retractable awning to help keep your table at the place and prevent sunlight from discoloring them.

  • Buy Non-Plastic Furniture

As mentioned earlier, non-plastic materials are great outdoor patio furniture. This perfect quality is due to their durability in withstanding sunlight damage. You could opt for wooden upholstery furniture, or a steel-based material, whatever suits you. Find high-quality non-plastic furniture here.


The sun has its positive effects on both humans and other non-living things. However, it would be best to opt for more suitable furniture for your comfort and convenience that would enable you to enjoy your outdoor patio. Here, we spoke in detail about how your furniture is affected by sunlight and how you could deal with such problems. Now, you have to follow our instructions to save costs on furniture protection.