What happens to your body when you hate your job


The first and the foremost thing as a consequence that you hate the job you currently have is the lack of will to move from your bed in the morning. But this is not the worst that can happen to you if you do not cosider finding a solution for your current job situation. There follow even more serious problems thanks to the job you hate but you, however, keep on doing it.

It is more than reasonable that leaving your job at a time when you don’t have another solution after it is a big risk. The truth is that situation like this can be quite uncomfortable but first of all you have to know that you are the one who has the power in his hands, therefore you can always do something for its solution. First of all, do not keep repeating like everyone else “it’s OK. It could be worse, therefore I accept.” That’s a big no no. But there are tings you should consider doing in order to see positive changes in your life when the job is in question. There are some facts about what exactly happens to your body if you, however, keep appearing at the same working position and pretend you enjoy it while, in fact, you hate it.

By working a job you do not enjoy, your entire body feels and suffers it. Your appetit changes, your regular eating habbits turn into irregular therefore with this you already make a shock to your body.

Your body literally tightens. It does not feel comfortable in your own skin. Just because of that you feel the tension of the muscles, tension in the neck, the shoulders, the jaws.


The job you hate also negatively affects the digestive tract. Your body faces dificulties in the digestion of the food. Flatulence is one of the most common consequences one can suffer because of this stress.

You get sick easier than usual. This means your immunity is affected as well and it does not keep you safe as when you are happy and joyful. Chronic stress is one of the first things that follow once you start feeling dissatisfied with your work.

You feel somehow strange, even silly. The creativity, as well as the memory eqals zero. You do not feel productive and you turn into a couch potato. Your bed becomes your best friend. This as well affects your social life in a negative way too. You prefer isolating yourself rather than being productive and being sociable.

You do not rest at night. You wake up tired because you have had torubles falling asleep at first place. You tend to overthink your situation, especially when you are getting ready for bed. This leaves you restless and tired.


You put your whole life and future in question because, being unhappy, you think it is too late to change the things now or even start something new. Because of that you decide to accept the current situation and deal with the same misery on daily basis.