What if the end of the world really happens

The discussions about the end of the world sound all interesting and juicy. However, this topic is something alarming, calling the smart people’s attention. At the end it’s not a very pleasant issue to discuss about. On the other hand the experts, the religious leaders and the scientists constantly come up with new expectations. Starting by asteroids, to pandemics and explosions are only some of the predictions how the world will face its end.


Isaac Newton’s predictions

If there has existed a person who spoke a lot about this topic, that was Newton. The outstanding mathematician, philosopher and physicist has deeply studied the Bible. According to him, the world will see its end in 2060. It will be destroyed by a horrible war. However, he claims, the world will be reborn once again thanks to God’s forces and will. This will be a beginning of a new era.



The science-fiction authors’s favorite topic are the robots. They show how the robots will dominate the world in the near future. The physician Steven Hawking doesn’t even agree with this but he is scared too. He confesses that the realization of this films is close to its end. It is the matter of time, not too long though, before they start ruling the world. He is worried that if the artificial intelligence learns how to multiply itself, it will put an end on the humanity. It will overrule them and destroy it eventually.


The predictions of the Institution of technologies in Massachusetts

Back in 1973 the Institute of technologies developed a computer program called “World One”. Its job was to predict the world’s end. The program had access to reliable information such as the level of pollution, the increased number of natality, the amount of natural resources as well as the quality of life. Its predictions were that the end of the world will come by 2040. However, it’s in the year 2020 when everything will start to drastically change and move in that direction.


The solar light

The experts claim that strong light of the Sun will burn down the Earth’s bark. It will decrease the amount of carbon dioxide which will be the reason for the vegetation’s end. Therefore both the people and the animals will have no conditions life anymore. However, the good news is that this won’t happen in 500 million of years from now.


The United Nations’ predictions

A research done by the United Nations warns that we have only twelve years to save the world. In these twelve years the humanity is supposed to find a solution and decrease the emission of carbon dioxide. This is a warning because we are running out of time while the consequences can be fatal.



Steven Hawking has yet another claiming. He believes that the gene’s manipulation can lead to a new generation of superpeople. The wealthiest people would be the first in changing their DNA. The rest of the people would have no remedy later. This supernation will look nothing like its ancestors. The world is slowly but surely destroying itself with its own intelligence.


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