What is a reasonable price for a baby cot in Singapore?


Your baby is a precious thing, and you should consider a baby cot an essential nursery item as the baby will spend most of their time sleeping. Quality cot ensures that the baby sleeps better, but it should not overstretch your finances. A good baby cot should be functional and comfortable. So what is the cost of a baby cot in Singapore? Depending on the store’s brand and functionality, and location, you might get a practical baby cot at $100 to $1000.

Baby Cots with Storage Mechanisms

Cots with storage facilities are highly functional as they will house all your baby necessities. Moreover, if it is convertible, it can act as a changing table which adds more convenience. Furthermore, you can opt for a baby cot with a built-in rocking mechanism, and you won’t need to buy a separate rocker or cradle the baby in your arms all the time. A built-in rocking mechanism allows you to rock the baby to sleep with a simple button. Moreover, you may opt for one with removable side rails to add a refined look to the cot. The movable rails make it easy to remove the side rails from one side to let adventurers toddle explore their room.

Moreover, it could be better to opt for cots with an adjustable-height mattress base to easily lift the baby from the cot without straining your baby. Unfortunately, the additional features increase the cost of the price of the cot. Highly sophisticated baby cots might cost more than $500, and some brands sell their high-end cots at $1000. For instance, you might have to pay more for cots that have removal rails, additional racks or convertible ones as they offer the best functionality, and a child can use the cots until they are ten years old.

Simple Baby Cots

Simple baby cots are made from solid wood, and their budget could be $100 or below depending on the brand, stores and location in Singapore. The simple cots might not be convertible or have storage shelves that house a baby’s necessities. However, the simple cots are still practical and might have two adjustable heights. You might bring down the rails once the child is old enough, and they can continue using the cot as a bed. However, you should opt for designs that allow for better ideal ventilation, ensuring proper air circulation even on humid nights without switching an AC. These simple coats might be useful for infants and toddlers below three years as they are not convertible and have reduced functionality.

The Bottom Line

The type of cot you choose for your child will depend on the functionality and additional features. However, you should consider your budget, and a baby cot should not overstretch your budget as you will need financial stability raising a child. Depending on the money you set aside to buy a baby coat, it could be wise to opt for highly convertible cots and those which can easily be moved from one room to another. If you live in Singapore, you might buy your baby cots from online vendors and local stores. The prices of the cots might range from $100 to $1000 depending on the stores, your location and the brands.