What is Hollywood Effect?


When it comes to cosmetic treatments, eyelash extensions are among the most popular ones available on the market. Starting a lash business is an absolute trend now. They offer a great increase in eye highlight by attaching false lashes to the natural ones, extending them, and giving them more volume and curl. While there are many types of eyelash extensions out there, one of the most spectacular ones is Hollywood Effect – an innovative method of applying eyelash extensions that allow for an extreme increase in volume. 

What exactly are eyelash extensions?

Before understanding the details of Hollywood Effect, you first need to know what eyelash extensions are. In simple terms, eyelash extensions are individual hair fibers attached to the bases of the natural eyelashes using a special eyelash adhesive. The extensions are most often made out of synthetic materials, but they can also be manufactured out of natural hair. For that purpose, manufacturers most often use mink fur.

False lashes provide an amazing increase in volume and curl of the eyelashes, lasting at least a couple of weeks before requiring a refill. The effects can be extended with proper eyelash care and thorough cleaning using professional eyelash cleansers. Moreover, you should not use oil-based cosmetics when wearing eyelash extensions, as they may react with the eyelash adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.

Volume methods of eyelash extension application

Apart from the classic 1:1 application method of false lashes, in which a single extension is used for a single natural eyelash, stylists all over the world use volume methods of application for more glamorous effects. In such methods, more than a single extension is used per natural eyelash. Depending on the weight and thickness of the extensions, up to 10 extensions can usually be used per natural eyelash. These extensions are gathered together into fans that are then connected to the lashes.

Hollywood Effect and Russian Volume are one of the most spectacular eyelash extension methods, guaranteeing an extreme increase in volume and a glamorous curl. The extensions are very lightweight, which allows a large number of them to be used for every eyelash without any adverse effects. With Hollywood Effect lashes, the results are comfortable to wear and do not damage the natural eyelashes in any way. The treatment is quick, painless, and the effects are really gorgeous.

How to prepare for Hollywood Effect lashes?

When preparing for an eyelash extension treatment, you need to remember a couple of things. First of all, remove all of your makeup before leaving on your way to the beauty salon. If you don’t remove the makeup on your own, the stylist will need to do that for you, which will needlessly extend the treatment further and last as long as 4 hours. Because of the length of the treatment, it is also advised to eat a hearty meal before the procedure.

At the beginning of the treatment, the stylist will thoroughly cleanse the eyelashes of the client with a professional eyelash cleanser. This cleanser will remove any flaked epidermis and oily substances from the eyelashes which can interfere during the treatment. The eyelash adhesive used during the procedure requires clean eyelashes to create a strong bond. After the eyelashes are prepared, the stylist will begin attaching the extensions to the natural eyelashes, one by one, using the adhesive. 

After the treatment is over, you need to remember about a few precautions to keep the effects as glamorous as possible. During the first 48 hours after the procedure, you should not touch the eyelashes and rub your eyes. Moreover, you should not wash your eyelashes during that time. Avoid steam, excessive moisture, and blow-drying. All of these factors can easily weaken the eyelash adhesive and damage the eyelash extensions, destroying the effect.

Professional Hollywood Effect extensions

If you decide to go for the glamorous look, you can find a variety of volume extensions that can be used for a range of eyelash extension treatments, including Hollywood Effect. Premium products are manufactured out of the highest quality synthetic materials, allowing eyelashes to remain extremely lightweight while providing a lot of additional volume. The eyelashes used for the Hollywood effect are available in a variety of styles, including many different sizes, curls, lengths, and even colours. It is best not to rush and find ones that match your taste perfectly.

If you want to provide comprehensive services, you can also find a wide variety of professional cosmetic supplies in online shops – accessories and tools designed for use in beauty salons. We advise you to look only for cleansers, primers, and removers of the highest quality, as these are the most important necessities in every stylist’s assortment. Complement such selection with tweezers, application accessories, cosmetic lamps, and care products, and you will gain exactly the same potential in servicing clients as any big beauty parlour. If you want to expand your offer, all the necessary supplies for eyelash lifting and lamination, eyebrows microblading, and eyelash and eyebrow tinting can easily be found and bought online.