What is the Best Casino in Las Vegas?


Thousands upon thousands of people visit Las Vegas each year and the city is home to some of the world’s most famous restaurants and hires world-class entertainers as well as having excellent shopping malls and breath-taking architecture. The British are infamous for their love of playing UK slots online and casino games. Even though online gambling is completely legal and regulated in the UK, millions for Brits still visit Las Vegas every year!

Hotels are above luxurious and there is a style to suit most tastes, and this statement also applies to the casinos you can find in Las Vegas with their unique designs, some of which have theatres and clubs as well as restaurants attached to them.

Trying to say which is the best casino is a pretty hard call but there are some that do stand out from the rest, but even saying that ‘the rest’ are pretty amazing too!

For is sheer amount of slot machine floors in Las Vegas the ARIA Resort and Casino earns first prize. There is approximately over 150,000 square feet of gaming floors with a selection of slot machines that would keep the lover of the reels happy for a lifetime. The limits for the slot’s games at the ARIA range between $25 up to a massive $10,000 per hand but there are also penny slots up to $5,000per spin.

The award-winning Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is among the top casinos in Las Vegas and offers its member a truly great rewards program has seen the Casino win the best rewards program in Las Vegas for an incredible 14 years in a row. The Red Rock Casino and Spa has approximately 2,700lsot and video poker machine with stakes starting at just a penny. You can play up to $10 in the high-stakes slot rooms. This fabulous casino gives players access to the very latest slots games and there are plenty of chances to take advantage of the rewards and promotions that are always on offer.

If you are after opulent and lavish then you should visit the Bellagio home to an array of slots and table games plus a poker room that has an exclusive Bobby’s Room (names after Bobby Baldwin the champion of WSP 1978) The sportsbook are has forty tables and the Bellagio also has a Club Prive where high-rollers can play.

No matter what your choice is in venue Sin City will have something to suit your individual tastes but remember to go online before flying out to make sure you have packed what you will need for your trip as some still do have a dress code albeit more relaxed in some casinos than others.