What Is the Best Lighting for Applying Makeup


Many of us spend an unbelievable amount of money on makeup, so when we get stuck with bad lighting, it wastes not only those expensive cosmetics but also the time and effort we put into creating our looks. Regardless of whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or a professional makeup artist, it’s essential to know the benefits of good lighting and how good lighting is a makeup must-have.

A well-known secret that professional makeup artists and even celebrities know is that LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING! So, make sure you know which lights are best for applying makeup and which ones to avoid. Knowing this will help you dodge some embarrassing makeup mishaps (we’ve all had them!).

Why You Need Good Lighting

It’s a common misconception that you only need a well-lit area to apply your makeup, but that isn’t the case. Lighting is crucial for a great makeup application because it shows you the right features to accentuate (cheekbones, jawline, eyes, etc.). Poor lighting creates shadows and dullness and displays every flaw possible, resulting in unflattering angles in various settings.

“So, what kind of lighting should I use to apply my makeup?” 

The sun is the best lighting for makeup as it allows you to see which shades complement your skin. But if you don’t have access to natural lighting or can’t be near a big, bright window, artificial lighting is the next best thing—specifically warm white, neutral lighting.

“What does good lighting have to do with makeup?”

Good lighting, especially from an LED ring light, improves the appearance of your makeup, leaving you looking flawless instantly. Good-quality lighting can do wonders for makeup applications by:

  • Creating a more youthful look
  • Brightening the skin
  • Hiding eye bags and dark circles
  • Disguising blemishes, flaws, and wrinkles

…all because you can see your face so much clearer. (Again, lighting is everything!)

What Bad Lighting Can Do to You

The best condition for applying makeup is natural light or a similar type of illumination from neutral LED lighting because it helps the skin look radiant. What color lights should you avoid when applying makeup? Remember, if it isn’t a warm white or neutral color, simply skip it to avoid any makeup blunders.

Other colors that tend to cause various issues:

Pink – You think your skin is looking perfect with this lighting, but in reality, it has us applying very little makeup with a false sense of security when we really should have more coverage and color to hide flaws that we missed.

Yellow It’s not just a poor night’s sleep that causes you to look exhausted; it’s also yellow lighting. Applying makeup with yellow lighting creates a dull and tired appearance, making us overdo everything to disguise the flaws and blemishes.

Fluorescent – You should definitely avoid applying makeup in this light if you can. This accentuates your flaws, making you overcompensate with makeup as you try to fix all the problem areas. This light can make a person apply a lot more makeup than they actually need, creating an unnatural look.

Downlighting – This lighting will make you feel old, tired, and ready for a nap as it makes flaws stick out, gives you shadows, and leaves you with the appearance of dull skin, causing us to apply more makeup than we should.

Now, you know that when it comes to the best lighting for applying makeup, it’s either natural light during the day or LED lighting at night (or dimmer days). 

Invest in Professional Lighting

Here we present the best brands for makeup selfie light. One of the most well-loved lighting equipment in the makeup industry comes from Lumina Pro, which comes in two sizes. Professionals, beauty influencers, YouTubers, and more have purchased both to fit their needs, whether it’s for traveling or the studio. 

  • The Lumina Pro selfie lights for makeup include a phone holder to perfect every selfie or watching your favorite makeup tutorial. If you’re looking for more compact lighting for small spaces or portability, a smaller makeup lamp is perfect for you. For those looking for a larger, salon-grade, professional light, the floor light version is great for at-home or professional use.  
  • The Neewer Ring Light Kit is 18-inch dimmable ring light, the fully-equipped kit features an adjustable light stand, white and orange color filter sets, a smartphone holder, a hot shoe adapter for DSLR cameras, a remote, and a carrying case to store it all.
  • This AIXPI ring light is one of the most affordable 10-inch ring lights out there, and it’s super well-reviewed. With 10 brightness settings and 3 light modes of varying warmth levels

Avoid being stuck in an embarrassing situation and put your best face forward by creating a great look for any place day or night, all thanks to excellent lighting.