What is the Max Weight for a Forever Stamp?


The US Postal Service recently increased the weight limit for a forever stamp to 45 ounces, which is about 1.3 pounds heavier than the previous limit of 34 ounces or 0.9 pounds heavier than before if you measure by grams instead of ounces.

What does this mean for you? If your mailings weigh less than 45 ounces, you’ll need fewer stamps in your collection and will have more money left over at the end of each month. We’re here to help with some tips on how to avoid wasting stamps. Read along, and let’s dig deeper to find the answers. 

Forever Stamps: What Are They And How They Work

The Forever Stamp is a type of stamp that will always be valid for mailing letters, no matter how much the postage rate changes. When you purchase a forever stamp online or at your local post office, it’s worth more than just one first-class stamp and also includes an additional annual service fee. 

The type of mail you send with the Forever Stamp will determine how your stamp is delivered. For example, if you send a first-class letter to someone in another country, it’ll be delivered as an international mail shipment by standard airmail service. If you’re mailing letters within the U.S., they’ll be sent through Priority Mail or Express Mail services, depending on the weight of your package.

The only requirement to use a Forever Stamp is that you have an address where you want it delivered, and if there’s no recipient listed, it’ll be returned to the sender for insufficient postage. 

You can purchase up to 50 stamps at any time in person or online with one credit card transaction. If buying more than 20 Forever Stamps, they should come pre-sorted by denomination perforated along the side; otherwise, they will arrive separated into individual sheets inside a polybag. 

Whether you plan to collect stamps or use them for your mailing requirements, it’s essential to know the max weight for every forever stamp you use. Suppose you plan to buy or sell Forever Stamps; you need to know the weight limit per stamp and its cost. This will give you an idea of the potential value for both scenarios.

If you’re mailing a package internationally, you’ll need to purchase a Global Forever Stamp or International Forever Stamps. If your parcel weighs more than 16 oz., it will be considered Priority Mail Express service, and the postage rates are as follows:

  • Priority Mail Express (Overnight) 
  • Weight up to 13 ounces – $22.85 ($24.60 for USPS Retail Ground Service )
    • 13-16 ounces – $27.25
    • 17-20 ounces – $30.95
    • 21-23 pounds – $34.70

The maximum weight for a Forever Stamp is 23 pounds.

Forever Stamps Types 

There are three types of Forever Stamps – the first is a regular stamp, but it has been redesigned and carries the new “USA” logo. The second type of stamp does not have a set date when they expire; as long as USPS makes stamps, they will be available. Finally, the third kind of Forever Stamp is designed for bulk mailings and allows recipients to use them regardless of postage price changes in future years.

All stamps have been made with self-adhesive, so they are easy to apply to an envelope, but the Forever Stamp is made a little bit differently.

The forever stamp has glue on only one side, so it won’t stick to your fingers and hands as much, which means you can make sure to place it in just the right spot before sticking it down for good.

But how heavy of an item can you mail with these stamps?

Max Weight: You have six ounces per ounce of postage which equals twelve pounds if mailing items within the United States (USPS). For international shipments, different guidelines vary by country; contact USPS directly for updated weights.   

The weight limit also depends on what type of service you’re using—some services allow heavier packages than others. 

Here’s more information about Priority Mail International:

  • An international Priority Mail shipment can weigh up to 20 pounds.  
  • Priority mail packages cannot exceed 108 inches in any dimension, and the length plus girth (i.e., width + height) must not exceed 130 inches to qualify for USPS service.  
  • First Class Mail items cannot usually be more than 13 ounces at the cost of $0.49 per ounce; however, there are limitations on weight and size for these shipments as well, so contact USPS directly before sending anything with this method!

Final Words 

When you need to mail a letter, card, or package weighing more than one ounce but less than 11 ounces, use Forever Stamps. These stamps have the words “Forever” printed on them and are sold at the same price as first-class postage. The weight limit is based on what it costs for the USPS to deliver your item by ground service, so be sure not to exceed this weight to avoid extra fees.