What is the most durable sofa fabric


Fabrics are classified into two, natural and synthetic. Natural fabrics are from plants or animals, while synthetic is mostly from plastic materials. From these classifications, we will divulge, which is the most durable in their groups. You’ll be surprised how tough fabrics are in their respective category. 


In the natural plant base fabrics, hemp is the strongest. This plant has many uses like food, rope, clothing, paper, housing material, textiles, and more. The fibre is naturally strong and can reach up to 15 feet. Evidence of its use is pre-dated over 10,000 years ago ad many believe that hemp is one of the first crops cultivated by mankind. Today hemp plantation is regulated and mostly prohibited in other localities because of its relation to other cannabis plant families. 

Sofa fabrics made out of hemp has a similar texture to cotton, but it also feels slightly like canvas. Hemp fabric is not vulnerable to shrinkage and is highly breathable. Subsequently, fibres from this plant are extensive and sturdy, hemp fabric is very soft, but it is also highly durable and could outlast most of the fabrics in the market today. Furthermore, the plantation process of hemp is more environmentally friendly because it does not require much pesticide and water as it grows. 

While on the animal base fabrics, spider silk is the toughest. Though this material is tough, it is so hard to produce. Experts even come by the way to get these materials from spiders by force, but it is still very difficult to collect them from a large number of spiders. Silk from silkworm is most common, but the latter is the most durable. 

Fabrics from silkworm are more sustainable, and they are quite durable too. The only downfall is it prone breakage due to scratch. It is a little sensitive but very luxurious and soft to the feel. Silks are also natural insulators, making it cool on summer days and warm during colder nights. There are other animal-based fabrics that you might want to consider like leather. This material is also supple, sturdy, and good for cold weather places. 

Synthetic fabrics like polyester are the toughest in its class. It is easy to produce and can be used in many kinds of upholstery, making it cheaper among other fabrics. Creating polyester textile as a good contract for sofa fabric geared to mass production and large scale furniture doing businesses. Polyesters are stain and water-resistant too. It wicks moisture fast and tough as an outdoor upholstery fabric. Polyester holds its natural colour for a long time and can be easily clean. Due to these traits, this fabric has been an ideal for home furnishing and sofa. 

To convene these matters thoroughly and help you choose the most durable fabric for your sofa, it is better to visit the fabric shop nearest you. They can display the finest and toughest collections that they have suitably hard-wearing for your needs. It is better to feel and try them first before making any indecisive purchase.