What Is the Need for Water Dispensers at Hospitals?


Hospitals are a place where nobody would want to go unless it’s a source of their bread and butter. Irrespective of whether it is for the sake of an employee at the hospital or a patient, it is the responsibility of the hospital authorities to ensure that they are provided the best possible facilities. When it comes to such mandatory amenities, access to clean drinking water is a must. Hospitals must have a water dispenser cum purifier installed in the premises to ensure easy access to drinking water. Read on to find out what the need for water dispensers at hospitals is.

Quality of Water Plays an Important Role

Installing water dispensers fitted with purifiers is needed because they ensure that the water supply is clean and reduce the risk of contamination. With such an appliance installed, the water gets purified using stringent purification processes. This makes the water very safe to drink for patients and visitors alike.

Quantity of Water

There’s a high demand for drinking water at public places like hospitals. It is required by in-patients, outpatients, doctors, nurses as well as visitors. It would be quite impossible to cater to everyone’s need for water without a water dispenser in place. It’s important to install water dispensers in various places such as the lobbies of the various departments, wards and waiting rooms.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

With water dispensers in hospitals, the risk of contamination is less. As the water inside the bottle or dispenser does not come in contact with any infected individual, it is safe. The water quality, as discussed above, is a result of stringent purification processes. As the consumers use disposable glasses when using a dispenser, the risk of germs spreading is eliminated and hence there’s no fear of waterborne diseases. So, there’s a reduced risk of contamination.

Great Convenience

With water dispensers cum purifiers installed across the hospital premises, there is no need to step out to buy bottled water. The presence of the dispenser makes it easy to administer medicines and feed the newborn with the infant formula. The benefits of the water purifier cum dispenser are not limited to the inpatients. The outpatients and visitors also need to be taken care of and the dispensers do a great job for that. They need not carry their supply of water when visiting a loved one at the hospital.

Precautions to Be Taken

As the taps are the only source of accessing the water, it is important to clean and sanitize them as well as the external surface of the dispenser. Care should be taken to ensure that no chemical residue is left behind in the process. If the residue is consumed with the water by mistake, it could leave a very bad taste in the mouth and possibly pose a health hazard.

In conclusion, a water dispenser with purifier is a must-have at hospitals primarily as a more hygienic alternative to any other method of serving water. It is also convenient to use and easy to operate. Additionally, it gives the patients and doctors the peace of mind that all are well taken care of. It also helps to make lives easier for the nursing and catering staff.