What It Takes To Make Eco-Friendly Perfumes?


From ancient times, people are fond of using different fragrances for smelling good. Perfumes were invented from the desire of humans to adorn the body odor with good smells and slowly they have become the luxury personal care item. People wear perfumes of different types as a sign of their self-expression. Different perfumes are used for different occasions. However, while we love to wear a pleasant smell, we are also concerned about the environment and this concern touches this field also. People are interested in knowing how the scent is created and does damage to the environment.


Like any other products, nature lovers prefer buying only eco-friendly perfumes. They are conscious about this fact that the glass perfume bottle used to store perfume should be eco-friendly and made of recyclable glass. This is the reason why the perfume industry is taking the steps towards adopting eco-friendly processes. So, what it really takes to make an eco-friendly perfume? Let us have a look at a few things to be done for making an eco-friendly perfume.

  • Usage of green ingredients- The manufacturers of perfumes, especially the natural perfume makers make use of natural ingredients like flower petals, fragrant leaves and oils. There are certain flowers like rose, jasmine, lily which are rich in content required for making the perfume. However, not every flower is full of oils which can be collected naturally. Therefore, the producers are left with very few choices. This leads to the process of extracting oils through laboratory processes. If these synthetics are not used then even the mix fragrances have limited options and if they are used then they might do harm to the environment.

However, measures are being taken to avoid this problem. Fragrance creators have started to develop new natural ingredients which can add depth to the fragrances. They are making use of certain fruits and flowers to develop them into whole new ingredient and use it in the perfume to add complexity to its note.

  • Ecological sourcing- Although, the ingredients being used are natural, it is important to check if they are grown in safer way. The growing methods used for the crops essential to perfume industry must not cause damage to the land of the farmer. By citing the importance of this particular thing, the manufacturers are making use of ecological program which makes it easy to grow these crops without damaging the land. They establish the relationship with farmers, make sure that the working conditions for farmers are safe and fair price is paid to them for the crops.

With the involvement of big companies in this process, such type of cultivation is practiced on a large scale. Contracts are made with the farmers for longer durations. Farmers are trained to follow eco-friendly methods of cultivation and land management, so that the ecological elements are not harmed by any means. They are trained to grow the plants by making limited and organized usage of natural resources like water. As the contracts are made for long term, they are guaranteed to be paid even if the production is less in a year.

By this method, both the company and farmers are benefitted. The land of the farmer is protected; they learn the new methods of farming and have assured income. On the other hand, the company has a reliable source of raw material for long-term. Additionally, the balance of environment is also maintained.

Although, some manufacturers have adopted eco-friendly methods of making perfumes, it is still difficult to find eco-friendly fragrances. The ingredients are not always mentioned on the labels and even if they are mentioned you cannot predict about method through which they are grown.

To know this, you have to thorough research over the internet about the companies producing natural fragrances in natural way. You can put your queries related to their product by posting them on their sites. You must also check if they are involved in sustainability program. Also, check if the empty spray bottle of their perfume can be recycled or not. If you are really a perfume lover but want to use it without causing any harm to environment, then shop responsibly.